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The Early Bird Gets...

By DPasschier
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I watched these young birds from eggs to birth, as you can see, and was planning to keep a photographic record of there life. But unfortunately they were killed by another bird introduced to Australia in Victoria between 1863 and 1872 bird called the "Myna Bird". The common Myna is extremely aggressive, and breeding males will actively defend areas ranging up to 0.83 hectares in size. This aggressiveness has enabled the common myna to displace many breeding pairs of native hollow-nesters, thereby reducing their reproductive success.

Entered "Animal Portrait Contest" [link]
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Nov 13, 2008, 4:59:36 PM
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Wow! The depth of this photograph in shadow and light, as well as color is fantastic! You have centered and captured all of this so very well.

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oh my goodness I have never seen something with such texture it is actually amazing that you got this pic, and you are a very grate arts and all the rate you have got you will soon discoverer one day how amazing this really is. I feel that I am in the presents of some one that is wroth every moment and I believe that you are a work of art yourself not just every thing you do for art just every thing you do is art it is a never ending canvas that every thing you do is a lovey brush stork that makes the perfect line every time. I just can not describe how amazing this is, if you can not tell I am very poetic and I know when I see art but I must know dos this describe some felling, it is almost far to amazing for me to image this felling. it is a very peaceful place in this pic and no matter how hard it is for me to fell this felling I must no you have to tell me what felling this express. I just want you to no this it's self is amazing but you are at the same time.
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You have captured a very peaceful and natural moment in a more than beautiful manner. Your focus is great and the the tiny bird is in my point of view sleeping in the most natural and beautiful manner.

As is on the photograph I have no suggestions to make about the image or how it was taken. In any case its sad to know that the birds were killed by another one of their same species; and saying that I must say that this photograph acts as a very emotional piece of memory. The peacefulness of those closed eyes and beak speak for themselves.

Great Photography!
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Beautiful work!
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Wow! amazing shot!
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Little Pixel Heart  Aww, they are so adorable!!! This is such a beautiful shot of new life, just so unfortunate it came to an end so short.Applause Clap Applause Clap Applause Clap  Splendid work!!!
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These are so cute!
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Umm… not quite how it's spelled, but ok.
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It is a beautiful picture with those fragile baby birds, that touches my heart. Very good photography. Congratulations on your DD!
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Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :heart:
WinningDD by marphilhearts
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Every time I see a photo of a bird this young it makes me wonder if they're in pain. Maybe because I somehow see them and mentally compare them to a burn victim because of how they look?

Darn nature for not letting these birds live longer.
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Probably our fault, not nature's.
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Beautiful moment captured here. It's sad to know that this story comes to such a sad ending. But in this capture there is still the beauty of life celebrated. Well done photo!

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Beautiful photo. It reminds me of when robins would put nests in my mother's hanging flower pots. Every so often we'd find eggs and watch them turn into little babies.

Really sad these babies didn't make it. =(
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:( about what happened to them. We should learn to keep other species OUT of Australia and other places where they don't belong.

Congrats on the DD, though.

RIP poor little baby birds... :tears:
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Grats on the DD!!!! :hug:

This is so precious ;___;
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so cute and beautiful little babies *A* what kind of birds are they?
I hope they rest well Q_Q it's very sad that these precious birds were killed ;;
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Congrats on the DD! :DALove: by Ikue
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
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Beautiful, nature at its most perfect..
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