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Model of the week 2 And find out what my baby is.
Read the bottom of this journal to find out what sex my baby is(:
So my model this week is..
John :D
He is my now best friend, and baby daddy. We were together for a year, but we're much better as friends.
He's 19 in these pictures, but he's going to be 21 now. He also lives in Texas.
Do you like my model?
Should I photograph him more?
What do you like the most about him?

And as for the feature of another model of the week..
This is his beautiful daughter.

Patience by DPasschierOnce More by DPasschier
If you want your model featured, just comment on this, with five links to ONE of your models, tell me their name (If you want) age, relationship to you, a bit about them.. whatever you want.
And I'll feature you(:
And now for the sex of my baby..
Drum roll please!!!
I'm having a boy!
Or they're 80% sure that i
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The Weeping Willow II by iNeedChemicalX The Weeping Willow II :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,972 104
Unknown Artists feature #1
I love finding artwork that hasn't been appreciated by many, and so I thought it was about time that I started doing features on what I find!
Here are some awesome artists with enviable skills - be sure to show them some love!
(Note: these are not in any particular order)


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Winter morning by Anna-Marine Winter morning :iconanna-marine:Anna-Marine 912 74 -Permeation the life and death- by Janek-Sedlar -Permeation the life and death- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 874 63 teach someone to fish... by Loopydave
Mature content
teach someone to fish... :iconloopydave:Loopydave 4,426 726
(CLOSED)500 Points Giveaway!!
What's this? Time for another giveaway? :icondorkydanceplz:
It's true! I am so excited to do this giveaway this week.
Why am I so excited? Well, because it's 500 points!
I feel today is the perfect day to start the contest.
As it's a cold Saturday & I have to do something to keep me sane!
I'd go stir crazy and possibly die of boredom if it wasn't for dA.
How Do You Get The Points, You Ask?
All you need to do is just :+fav: favorite this journal entry.
That is it. Nothing more. No watching me. Nothing.
The Winner will be picked by using
If anyone wants to donate points it would be awesome.
I have a donation pool started for giveaways like this.
A mention is given in each journal to all who donate.
Winner Will be Announced on 1/27/2013
Enjoy Some of My New Work

Megann Lee Ar
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The mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) is a primate of the Old World monkey (Cercopithecidae) family.[4] It is one of two species assigned to the genus Mandrillus, along with the drill. Both the mandrill and the drill were once classified as baboons in the genus Papio, but they now have their own genus, Mandrillus.[4] Although they look superficially like baboons, they are more closely related to Cercocebus mangabeys. Mandrills are found in southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. Mandrills mostly live in tropical rainforests. They live in very large groups. Mandrills have an omnivorous diet consisting mostly of fruits and insects. Their mating season peaks in July to September, with a corresponding birth peak in December to April.

Mandrills are the world's largest monkeys. The mandrill is classified as vulnerable by IUCN.

The mandrill has an olive green or dark grey pelage with yellow and black bands and a white belly. Its hairless face has an elongated muzzle with distinctive characteristics, such as a red stripe down the middle and protruding blue ridges on the sides. It also has red nostrils and lips, a yellow beard and white tufts. The areas around the genitals and the anus are multi-colored, being red, pink, blue, scarlet, and purple.[5] They also have pale pink ischial callosities.[5] The coloration of the animal is more pronounced in dominant adult males. Both sexes have chest glands, which are used in olfactory communication. These, too, are more prominent in dominant adult males.[6] Males also have longer canines than females, which can be up to 6.35 cm (2.50 in) and 1.0 cm, respectively.

The mandrill is one of the most sexually dimorphic mammals[8] due to extremely strong sexual selection which favors males in both size and coloration. Males typically weigh 19–37 kg (42–82 lb), with an average mass of 32.3 kg (71 lb). Females weigh roughly half as much as the male, at 10–15 kg (22–33 lb) and an average of 12.4 kg (27 lb).[9] Exceptionally large males can weigh up to 54 kg (119 lb), with unconfirmed reports of outsized mandrills weighing 60 kg (130 lb) per the Guinness Book of World Records.[10][11][12][13] The mandrill is the heaviest living monkey, somewhat surpassing even the largest baboons such as chacma baboon and olive baboons in average weight even considering its more extreme sexual dimorphism, but the mandrill averages both shorter in the length and height at the shoulder than these species.[14][15] The average male is 75–95 cm (30–37 in) long and the female is 55–66 cm (22–26 in), with the short tail adding another 5–10 cm (2–4 in).[16][17] The shoulder height while on all fours can range from 45–50 cm (18–20 in) in females and 55–65 cm (22–26 in) in males. Compared to the largest baboons, the mandrill is more ape-like in structure, with a muscular and compact build, shorter, thicker limbs that are longer in the front and almost no tail.[18][19][20] Mandrills can live up to 31 years in captivity. Females reach sexual maturity at about 3.5 years.

The photo was taken at Singapore Zoo.

Source Reference: Wikipedia

© DPasschier. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission

White Tiger.9626
The white Bengal tigers are distinctive due to the color of their fur. The white fur caused by a lack of the pigment pheomelanin, which is found in Bengal tigers with orange color fur. When compared to Bengal tigers, the white Bengal tigers tend to grow faster and heavier than the orange Bengal tiger. They also tend to be somewhat bigger at birth, and as fully grown adults. White Bengal tigers are fully grown when they are 2–3 years of age. White male tigers reach weights of 200 to 230 kilograms and can grow up to 3 meters in length. As with all tigers, the white Bengal tiger’s stripes are like fingerprints, with no two tigers having the same pattern. The stripes of the tiger are a pigmentation of the skin; if an individual were to be shaved, its distinctive coat pattern would still be visible.[2] For a white Bengal tiger to be born, both parents must carry the unusual gene for white colouring, which only happens naturally about once in 10,000 births.[2] Dark-striped white individuals are well-documented in the Bengal tiger subspecies (Panthera tigris tigris or P. t. bengalensis) as well as having been reported historically in several other subspecies.[2] Currently, several hundred white tigers are in captivity worldwide, with about one hundred being found in India. Their unique white color fur has made them popular in entertainment showcasing exotic animals, and at zoos.

The photo was taken at Singapore Zoo.

© DPasschier. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission
The silvereye or wax-eye (Zosterops lateralis) is a very small omnivorous passerine bird of the south-west pacific. In Australia and New Zealand its common name is sometimes white-eye, but this name is more commonly used to refer to all members of the genus Zosterops, or the entire family Zosteropidae

A small bird 11 to 13 cm in length and around 10 g in weight, it has a conspicuous ring of white feathers around its eye. There are a number of plumage variations depending on the sub-species. Generally it has olive-green wings and either a grey or olive-green back, a lighter coloured throat - yellow or grey, flanks that range from chestnut to pale buff, and an undertail that may be white or yellow. Within Australia there are seasonal migrations and the ranges of the sub-species overlap. The other islands within its range tend to host only a single sub-species each so only one plumage variant is seen.

Silvereyes breed in spring and early summer (mainly between September and December), making a tiny cup of grass, moss, hair, spiderweb, and thistledown, suspended from a branch fork in the outer reaches of small trees or shrubs. They lay two to four pale blue eggs, and two (or sometimes three) broods may be raised during each breeding season. The eggs hatch after about 11 days, and the young fledge after another 10 days. The juveniles are independent at 3 weeks and able to breed at 9 months.

Source Reference: Wikipedia

© DPasschier. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission.
Laughing Kookaburra.5365.2
The laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) is a bird in the kingfisher subfamily Halcyoninae. It is a large robust kingfisher with a whitish head and a dark eye-stripe. The upperparts are mostly dark brown but there is a mottled light-blue patch on the wing coverts. The underparts are white and the tail is barred with rufous and black. The plumage of the male and female birds is similar. The territorial call is a distinctive laugh that is often delivered by several birds at the same time, and is widely used as a stock sound effect in situations that involve a jungle setting.

The laughing kookaburra is the largest kingfisher.[24] It is a stout, stocky bird 39–42 cm (15–17 in) in length, with a large head, prominent brown eyes, and a very large bill. The sexes are very similar, although the female is usually larger and has less blue to the rump than the male. The male weighs 310–345 g (10.9–12.2 oz) and the female 355–480 g (12.5–16.9 oz). They have a white or cream-coloured body and head with a dark brown stripe across each eye and more faintly over the top of the head. The wings and back are brown with sky blue spots on the shoulders. The tail is rusty reddish-orange with dark brown bars and white tips on the feathers. The heavy bill is black on top and bone-coloured on the bottom. The subspecies D. n. minor has a similar plumage to the nominate but is smaller in size.[24]

The laughing kookaburra can be distinguished from the similarly sized blue-winged kookaburra by its dark eye, dark eye-stripe, shorter bill and the smaller and duller blue areas on the wing and rump.[24] Male blue-winged kookaburras also differ in having a barred blue and black tail.[25]

Source Reference: Wikipedia

© DPasschier. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission.

Cattle Egret 4625
The cattle egret is a stocky heron with an 88–96 cm (35–38 in) wingspan; it is 46–56 cm (18–22 in) long and weighs 270–512 g (9.5–18.1 oz).[13] It has a relatively short thick neck, a sturdy bill, and a hunched posture. The non-breeding adult has mainly white plumage, a yellow bill and greyish-yellow legs. During the breeding season, adults of the nominate western subspecies develop orange-buff plumes on the back, breast and crown, and the bill, legs and irises become bright red for a brief period prior to pairing.[14] The sexes are similar, but the male is marginally larger and has slightly longer breeding plumes than the female; juvenile birds lack coloured plumes and have a black bill.
The cattle egret nests in colonies, which are often, but not always, found around bodies of water.[22] The colonies are usually found in woodlands near lakes or rivers, in swamps, or on small inland or coastal islands, and are sometimes shared with other wetland birds, such as herons, egrets, ibises and cormorants. The breeding season varies within South Asia.[8] Nesting in northern India begins with the onset of monsoons in May.[41] The breeding season in Australia is November to early January, with one brood laid per season.[42] The North American breeding season lasts from April to October.[22] In the Seychelles, the breeding season of the subspecies B.i. seychellarum is April to October.

Source Reference: Wikipedia

© DPasschier. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission.


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2008, 11:04 PM
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:icontbopi: :iconlyranthe: :iconben5069: :icontpbug:

Gimme Coffee by Sadiya ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Nikon by Krolikus Dpasschier Stamp by rhin-sowilo Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman Stamp.01 by SydneySyders I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Art Is My Life stamp by Birthstone
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