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A Typical Day at Briggs by dpak A Typical Day at Briggs :icondpak:dpak 6 5 F'ING VULCAN RAAAAAGE by dpak
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F'ING VULCAN RAAAAAGE :icondpak:dpak 2 1
Tempered Steel Ch. 5
The first minutes of morning. Still mostly dark outside; the sun was just beginning it’s assault on the sky. Piandao rubbed his eyes wearily. To say he hadn’t slept well would be an understatement.
He sighed, observing the battle of dawn; fiery oranges, reds, and pinks were turning the fight in their favor against the dark blues and purples of the lingering night. Only the brightest stars still twinkled, most already being outshone by the sun which just barely peaked its own weary head over the horizon.
Releasing the cloth in his hand, he let the tent flap swing back into place. Stepping back into the still dark room, he knelt by his belongings, shuffling through them until he found and removed his brush and paints, a few sheets of paper following shortly after. There was no better way to clear his mind than by meditating and painting; there was no better time for painting than under a multicolored sky.
Piandao carefully removed the bandages over Jeong Jeong's right eye
:icondpak:dpak 0 4
A Comedian Died Tonight by dpak A Comedian Died Tonight :icondpak:dpak 0 1 A Comedian Died Tonight- WIP 2 by dpak A Comedian Died Tonight- WIP 2 :icondpak:dpak 0 0 A Comedian Died Tonight-- WIP by dpak A Comedian Died Tonight-- WIP :icondpak:dpak 1 2 He's a Foxy La-- Man by dpak
Mature content
He's a Foxy La-- Man :icondpak:dpak 0 3
You Are My Sunshine
It had been a week since he had lost her; the longest week of his life. Sleep had not come easily, and, when it finally did come about, it was fitful and restless. His conscience refused to give him a moment of reprieve; his guilt only doubled when Katara looked at him, broken and lost, crying for her mom who she would ever see again. Sokka tried to comfort her and, if he were in his right mind, he would have commended the boy for taking care of his sister so well.
It was dark now, as dark outside as he felt inside. Never in his life had he felt this all-consuming depression- a grief so deep it threatened to swallow him up at any second. A sharp wind whipped outside; it didn’t look like sleep was coming any time soon. He should be thankful.
He had nightmares of her. His beautiful Kaya, burned alive, a charred corpse sprawled on the floor of the hut he once called home. It was empty now, would be destroyed soon. No one wanted to be reminded of that night. Not his people. Not his ch
:icondpak:dpak 1 2
My Heart Will Stay
Hakoda pulled Bato close to him that night; the morrow would prove difficult for the both of them as he was scheduled to be shipped away to the Boiling Rock at dawn. For now, he clutched desperately at the silent man beside him, taking in his scent, trying to memorize the feel of his body. He wanted to imprint everything he could to his memory for those long nights to come; who knew how long they would be separated this time.
He pressed a soft kiss to his partner’s neck, trying hard to keep his voice steady. The traitor cracked slightly in spite of his attempted control. “I’ll come back for you, love…”
The soft, shuddering sobs that came in response nearly broke his heart.
“…I promise to.” Spoken softly, almost lost in the darkness. He only hoped it was a promise he could keep.
Bato couldn’t watch as the guards led Hakoda up the ramp into the war blimp. His heart felt as though it had fallen into his stomach; his throat was thick and his
:icondpak:dpak 1 2
Theme 27 - Foreign
“It’s going to take a while to get used to these new clothes.” Hakoda remarked, securing the belt around his waist. He held his arm up, sniffing the grey sleeve, his nose wrinkling up in disdain. It- and the rest of the uniform- reeked of soot and ash, both bitter and acidic- nothing like the tantalizing smell of salt-water and sea breeze his traditional clothes smelt of. He had yet to put the armor on, dreading how constricting it would feel; the Water Tribe was the embodiment of the ocean, meant to be free and fluid, not restricted and contained.
“And the hairstyle.” Bato frowned, trying to pull his warrior’s wolf tail up into the ‘fashionable’ topknot. His thick hair was not well suited for Fire Nation trends. He was finding it near impossible to keep his hair neat and tucked behind his ears and his topknot was far too sloppy to pass as accurate.
Hakoda couldn’t help but laugh at the sight and motioned his friend over to him. “Here,
:icondpak:dpak 1 3
Playing around in Photoshop by dpak Playing around in Photoshop :icondpak:dpak 0 1 Open to Interpretation by dpak Open to Interpretation :icondpak:dpak 0 2 Rainbows and Emos by dpak Rainbows and Emos :icondpak:dpak 0 5 Juntara? by dpak
Mature content
Juntara? :icondpak:dpak 0 5
Theme 15 - Silence
Bato sat on the sandy beach, leaning back against his boat and staring up at the stars. He had made this a nightly habit ever since the nuns deemed him healthy enough to leave the abbey for brief amounts of time. The smell of salty freedom carried by the sea breeze was a welcome change from the sickeningly sweet smell of the perfumes the nuns made. He closed his eyes and sighed; the ache to return to his fellow warriors was growing stronger by the day.
My fellow warriors… He snorted.
Who was he trying to fool? It wasn’t the other men of the Water Tribe that he longed to be with right now; they were like family to him, but being separated from them wasn’t the cause of his grief. No. It was because of him.

His chief. His closest friend. His secret desire. His everything.
Every since they were kids, he had never imagined life without Hakoda by his side. Hakoda was always there cracking a lame joke, plotting a prank guaranteed to get them in trou
:icondpak:dpak 2 6
Theme 21 - War
Leaning back against the railing around the observation deck, Hakoda let out a sigh. He had thought being reunited with his children would be a more joyful event and, with Sokka, it had been. But Katara… She seemed so distant, so detached. They couldn’t even hold a conversation without her passing some snide remark or giving him the cold shoulder. It just wasn’t how he remembered her; his sweet little girl had become so bitter that he’d only be fooling himself if he said it didn’t frighten him. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with her…”
“I’m sure she’ll warm back up to you. Just give her time.” Bato leaned on the railing beside him, placing his hand comfortingly on his friend’s shoulder.
“If I just knew what was wrong- what was going on inside her head!- I could fix it!”
“Hakoda, you left them both to go fight in a war where there was only a slim chance you’d return. Not to mention th
:icondpak:dpak 1 2

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