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Simple avatars: How to use...

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Simple Fish - Free for Use by DPA-avatars ||Coloured Example by DPA-avatars

This is mostly for the clueless, and users new to making avatars.

Yes, there was a point to all those simple animal avatars.

Anyway, this is to encourage people to make or to have a go at making their own avatar. The simple animal avatars and other possible future templates are mostly to be used as a starting point. The avatars can be used as is however, but where is the fun in that? ;)

Yes, I know there's grammar mistakes, and the wording, which I tried to keep as simple as possible, could be better. But I pretty much rushed to get it finished before I move out.

Those of you whom don't have a program to do this with.

Try Gimp. It's a completely free painting program. There's an extension for saving animated .gifs. Remember to find & download that too, or you won't be able to do this.

There are free 30 day trials of the more known programs on their official websites if you don't trust that. Although Gimp is entirely safe, I use it myself.

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Simple Rabbit 2 - Revamp by DPA-avatars Simple Cat - Revamp by DPA-avatars Simple Fish 3 by DPA-avatars

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This will be updated as more templates are created.

Only for use on deviantART. Permission is needed for use on other sites.

All avatars available. Remember: not all avatars are up editing, just those linked to in this deviation. Thank you and have fun creating your own avatar!
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Gah i give it >w< its hard
Lucinhae's avatar
Thanks for the cute tutorial!!! :hug: :rose:
I used here: [link]
SilentLoneWolf's avatar
could you give me the link for the animation software?
perry99's avatar
verry usefull :D can i add bow to mine (i love bows x3)
Skuldier's avatar
I'm clueless! Nice tutorial! I'll try and figure out this whole animated avatar thing...
DPA-avatars's avatar
Thanks! Good luck, although it's easy once you figure it out ;p
ponypassion's avatar
Doe sit work the same with HyperCam 2?
DPA-avatars's avatar
Avatars are all pretty much made the same when you get right down into the very basics. If the program you mentioned can make, edit and save a 50x50 image, then yes. :)

Also, remember your created avatar needs to be under 15kb in filesize or it'll be too large to upload.
ponypassion's avatar
Hmmmmm.. Okay well first, how do I make it 15kb?
DPA-avatars's avatar
Saving as a .gif normally gets it below 15kb but if not, most image editing programs have an optimising tool.

I'm sorry but I can't really help much with a program I don't know anything about. There should be someone here who will be able to help you: http:/forum.deviantart.com/software/general
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Oh ty that did actually help and um what program did u use to make this?
DPA-avatars's avatar
I used Paintshop Pro 8 and Animation Shop 3 :)
ponypassion's avatar
Ty I will try that ^^
Bitter-Corn's avatar
The Animation Shop 3, i had one for trial, now its over so I can't make things move.:( haha, hopefully I might download another one!:)
DPA-avatars's avatar
There are free animation programs you can download from the web :)
Bitter-Corn's avatar
thanks. Do most of them need administrators passwords?
DPA-avatars's avatar
Admin passwords? :confused:

I'm not sure; but to me that sounds like you're using a shared computer, it'd be best to ask whoever the computer belongs to about it :)
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This deviation has been featured in my journal: [link] :huggle:
Aeternal-Anon's avatar
I've downloaded Gimp but does anyone know how to change the brush colour?
pixiepot's avatar
Shadowhedge1001's avatar
How do I make other kinds?
Cory-West's avatar
That is very cool, But i still dont know how to make hip hop zero as an avatar! lol
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