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Corona-chan x Ebola-chan

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Corona is supposedly originated from the unhygenically prepared corpse of a bat.
Ebola is also very often depicted as a vampire for reasons.

The parallels are astounding. :D
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Where’s SARS-chan, Swine Flu-chan, Spanish Flu-chan, Bubonic Plague-chan and Malaria-chan?

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It seems they make a destructive pair.
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i love thissssss!
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I love this erjerjerer
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Why can't I save it?

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Just Right-click on the Picture directly and save :o
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The waifus that will end your laifu
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Add "The Plague" chan there so I can have a threesome in bed

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aw! genocidal besties lmao
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Please someone make corona-chan out walking her pet pangolin (the animal believed to be at the heart of ncov) and hanging with friends ebola-chan, SARS-san, and HepB-senpai. Thanks :D

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Double trouble.
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Who told you this was okay

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This looks like the weird result of an inside joke lmfao whyyyyy
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It basically is an inside joke   LazyIcon I wanna use - 41  
Not everyone would understand why you'd turn a virus into a personified character. 
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yeah i had a feeling. you can't really assume with stuff like this though because there's a lot of really weird creepy people on DA and you just never know :lmao: 
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and here we are, lads

what science has led us to

what human evolution has come to after so many thousands of years

Corona-chan and Ebola-chan

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