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No one for Elsa

By DP-Stamps
Ever since Frozen came out, I've seen an influx of ships including Elsa, and absolutely none have appealed to me. Let me explain why.

Because Elsa had been cooped up for most of her life, she was basically cut off from any sort of interaction besides with her parents. She never got to go out and interact with anyone, especially around the time of puberty because that's mainly the point in time where people start to consider the attractiveness of others. Not only that, she was afraid to interact with anyone else because of her powers, so she never experienced what it's like to talk to anyone of the opposite sex (aside from the castle servants, but ya know...) or anyone outside of her family until her coronation. Because of this, I don't see her trying to be with anyone. I see her as asexual or at least would take her some time to catch up on what she had missed out on, and then maybe, just maybe find someone that she could be happy with (without worrying about accidentally freezing their heart)

And that's about it.

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The fanboys/girls...
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personally, i really like the idea of Elsa getting a girlfriend, but i also don't mind her being single. if she got a girlfriend, i'd like it if her girlfriend also has powers like her and had similar experiences to her growing up, that way, they start out by connecting to each other through their powers and relate to each with being isolated for their childhoods, and leading to them becoming closer and eventually having feelings for each other, though, i'd even be fine with them just becoming really close friends and Disney leaving it up to the audience to decide if they think Elsa and the girl are actual girlfriends or just two single girl-friends.

basically, i like Elsa being single and/or asexual, or her being a lesbian and having a girlfriend who she can relate to a lot. 
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I don't ship Elsa with anyone... at least not romantically. She and Jack Frost would be friends.
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She only is either shipped with Jack Frost or A female OC
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I like to think that Elsa is completely asexual. Sexuality has nothing to do with whether you're isolated or not though...
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If Hans were not a villain, I would have shipped her with him.
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I know the subject of Frozen itself is pretty old now, but I really don't buy all these sudden headcanons of Elsa being lesbian or why people want her to get a girlfriend so badly in the sequel.

No, this has nothing to do with showing gay couples in cartoons and whatnot, I find it OOC for someone with social anxiety like Elsa to be romantically attracted to anyone. Just because she didn't show any interest towards guys that doesn't automatically mean she's into girls.
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I don't understand the appeal of her. :shrug:
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Look, I like Elsa, she's an awesome character, but I don't make a crush for her. I let Elsa be Elsa.
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I prefer that Elsa stays single.
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Finally. Someone said it~.
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Agreed. I love Elsa's personality, and I believe she's an independent woman. :3 Faved.
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She kinda seems ace to me
but im not saying that she is
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You should join this group, IndependentSnowQueen. It's a group for the #KeepElsaSingle cause. I joined because I believe Elsa is asexual too.
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It is all up to interpretation. Her being ace wouldn't be a bad thing.

I disliked it when more recently people started demanding that she be the first "lesbian" Princess/Queen. Which seems more like an excuse to ship adding on to the "muh representation" factor.
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You should join this group, IndependentSnowQueen. It's a group for the #KeepElsaSingle cause. I joined because I believe Elsa is asexual too.
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To be fair, I kind of expected the Duke of Weaseltown (IT'S WESELTON!) to be the villain so that Hans could be with Anna and Elsa with Kristoff. Boy was I SERIOUSLY wrong.
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Icebreaker fans will be pissed
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I like seing Elsa as single

people need to "let it go" with my opion
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The only reason why i would rather see Jack Frost and Elsa together is because they went through the same thing but in different ways and times. Jack seems better single, but if i HAD to ship the two it's with one another. I could also see them as brother and sister (minus the ship XD; ) I just think they would be better together than with tons of others.

I mean i can see an anime or something made for them as a team XD
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She is better Single.
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i might agree with it too,i don't plan to ship else yet
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How about a "I ship Jack Frost with...NO ONE." stamp too? (Though it's totally up to you, it's not like I expect you take random requests.)
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