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Metro 2033 Redux: Path of Ranger

Just beaten Metro 2033 redux, it has quite an amazing dark atmosphere which I tried to recreate in this artwork.
Took arround 4-6 hours to make.
Created with Source Filmmaker and Photoshop.
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If you still want to see some metro stuff here you go? Rafis500
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As a big fan of the game, I've gotta tell ya, you've done an excellent job! Thanks for making this piece.
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Remarkable piece of art! Well done!
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where did you did you get the models and map can you please tell me
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Gmod workshop and facepunch. Environment was build using models from Metrostroi addon.
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Looks really nice :)
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Where can one find the models used for this?  I would love to play around with Metro Redux assets in the Source Filmmaker.
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Where do you get the models for these?
RangerHunter's avatar
Holy smokes,this one is looks so great and real
Shade5069's avatar
Fantastic! great use of the lighting! :D
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Great expression
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Great lighting and expression. This could tell me his story as well.
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Holy shit I'm a big Metro fan and seeing this art from one of my favorite artists made me so happy thank you DP-films!! :)
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Absolutely exquisite!
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WOW! Okay so how many filters did you use? Cause the overall effect doesn't even hint SFM (which btw, I like the photo)
ThomasMcfloy's avatar
Feels very HD, good job.
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Excellent! The depth is really well done!
Insta faved! :D
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