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thats how i feel ryt know, im not in the mood to work ryt know and create boring corporate brochures, so i had to do it
i miss doing freelance
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inspirational, love your gallery bro
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Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. =D +fav!!
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ang galing :D i like your style
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thank you...:horns:
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sKILLZ Some of the edges aren't too smooth though
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well you cant be perfect all the tyms thats why its art!!
Nice work. I like it.

One question, what is the font you used?? and where did you get it??
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O.O WOWzas, that's some pic!!
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apir nga luko!
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kiss nalang para magaspang!!
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Very nice composition. You inspire me son. <3
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wow, i like the effects there, but the drips are a bit off colour
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mabangis ka talaga bosing!!

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salamat po, walang bossing lahat tayu boss :headbang:
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what's with the car driving out of her vagina on the path of cum?

No really?

it's cool though, gj, I like the dashed clouds, but possibly ixnay the mess in the center, y'know?
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its called style
thats some a great peice very nice
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