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My Bio

For 30+ years I realized I didnt achieved anything great in my life. I am trying to find some worth in life leftover. I'm doing anything to change my life and reach my desire. I'm joining this community which are great as I love arts.

As I grow I realized there is still things need to reach, Either follow up in losing rat race (Reality!), learning skills when I'm dormant (unemployed!) that is awesome when you heard it but nothing much and not applicable at all (after joining workforce).

My curiosity is fading away as I look for more joy in life. Man's truest ends is happiness and curiosity will lead to it. As I believe, nothing surprise me much these days (just like the colour of a chromatic movie). But I will always say I am wrong, and tell me I am wrong. I loves laughter before and loves to make people laugh:(

But here what I will tell everyone to never lose hopes, to reach your dreams, stop being negative, help and love others all you can, make world a better place and whatever that didn't hurt people. Because once you lose those feelings it is harder to get back.

As this is a bio I will whatever I have done to fill my many time beside sleep,work, pray, and eat.

Arts: I know 2d and 3d arts but not my profession and even not a master(Even if I have degrees or certs I will deny my expertise, I'm sucks!)

Education: Bachelor of Arts (not this art) in Human Sciences. Don't take unless you want to become a professor, I learn the hard way.

What have I done to achieve this normal level:

Learn Unity, Blender, Krita, Maya, Photoshop, violin,Python, consumer PC assembly, format and installation, swimming, touch-typing, driving, streaming. As long as everyone has time to read and learn, all is possible.

What I really do?

I'm an IT Executive and also Operation Executive of a college, besides repairing PC or buying upgrades or assist anything about PC, I'm a runner/transporter who bring visa/passport/docs of international students to government agency and pick them at airport. I once had second job of doing car wash/detailing but I ditch it after 6 months as life need balances and human are not robot, but tried other monetization schemes to avoid being called lazy and just doing my hobby.

What is my dreams now?

Become financially stable to the point I don't have to sacrifice my time, settle my loans, take higher education, help relatives and the needy, do philanthropic activity, being lazy without feeling guilty and going to good restaurant. My second objective is to become as healthy as possible in mind and body that I will not burden people when I'm old and decayed. Also dying in peace (Just accept it, you will feel better).

What should I do?

There two outcome for this; live like a king or live like a monk. But after billionaire become king they suddenly become monk!??? I can accept that but we should at least try, it is not easy, it is not always success, bad tiding happens, maybe die first or lose memory but it must be done. We can expect one of our dying relatives that maybe rich will give their share of fortune, or maybe serious debt but that is outside our control and gaining of wealth is like less than 10%, factoring inflation and sudden burst of heirs. So first, try to be king without spend like a king and everything else fails, be like a monk, accumulate wealth/asset enough for living and avoid debt.

Why this is all related to my life?

Art for me is more to escapism than hobby and way of living. I utilize Devianart now as tools of networking, working portfolio and my poor man's website, its still look professional than facebook, besides its free. And here is my another link that you may consider.

as I play game as hobby as I have try to work all days but it damaged me, so I monetize my hobby as a bragging right "I'm doing my job!" in fun ways. It's educational really! I know how to stream now, buying good audio/video tools, learn media tips, have fun, make your own video, socialize with friends and raise support. Telling other gamers that they are Live! It's not about money or scandal.

My 3d design, most are lose but I will not give up.

My Patreon link, I have it but don't utilize carefully. I also forget what is my link but I will utilize it soon. The link is somewhere on my profile...

Thanks for hearing my rambling, I feel better now. Good excuse for lifting the pressure huh?

14/2/21 -Covid-19 shows how strong the people

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvadore Dali, coz i like Money Heist
Favourite Movies
War, Biopic, Myth, Adventure
Favourite TV Shows
Anything on Netflix
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Coffin Dancers lmao
Favourite Books
Free booksXD
Favourite Writers
Every writers are good
Favourite Games
LoZ, SFV, R6
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC Elitist
Tools of the Trade
Wacom tablet, Blender3d, Krita, GIMP, Apophysis, Zbrush, Maya, 3ds Max, 3dCoat, Unity3d
Other Interests
Lazing around
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One day my company ordered an ID card machine. We buy it from a good fellow named Mr. Wilson. He was a kind man... We need to print student cards from last September and I still in blur of how to design and operate the machine. The design is not originally made by me, so I have problem in exporting Illustrator format to more readable by that software machine. I don't have time to do trial and error, the due date is in next January. And I'm the only one who is in charge with this job. After failed to make a good, sharp design, I talk with the boss and we have to talk with Mr. Wilson about it. I know its not the machine fault that the result
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    Last few months, I get a lot of tasks at hand. Being a mortal also limit me with my fragile stamina. Sometimes my mental  energy is good but not my physical. You will know your body is at its limit when you are feeling fresh inside but your hands disobey your every command. Then the brain got tired...    It feels like your body can move quite well but you cannot think and feels sleepy. Both energy are needed for optimum performance. But everyday lives drain each simultaneously. Using too much muscle and then you cannot move, too much thinking and people lost the ability to reason.    From my experience, the best cure is to sleep full
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I'm very busy lately with my new job. Repairing, networking, programming(sometimes), formatting, surgery, installing, purchasing and cleaning. That's just basic. From some time my boss will need me to do graphic design and I need my tablet for that. I travel back to my hometown this weekend to get it. As an IT Executive who maintains order in virtual world and overseer hardware, I predicted that some staff will be curious to know about it. They will know its mine but maybe someday they demand me to ask the company to provide them with the same tablet. I bet they better not asking for a tablet for some particular reasons. First, it was very ex
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May the Llama be with you!
thnx so much 4 the fav if you could, plz tell me witch colors you like best! 
Sorry taking so long to reply, i even forget about it. Ummmm, maybe blue.
Thanks for the favorite...and the feature...and the llama! Blush emoticon Llama jump :pacfella: