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should probably mention i use twitter mostly these days:
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I'm going to Anime Expo in LA this year, I'll be selling at artist's alley table I17/I18 with a couple of friends. if you're coming too, be sure to come over and say hi!
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  • Watching: The World Cup
Hello, I've entered the 2014 anime revolution mascot fanart contest.
This is my entry:

Please help me out by voting for me here: (I'm near the bottom, you will have to click expand a few times to see all the entries)
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Sup I'm going to New York comicon. If you're going too, let me know and we can probably meet and say "hi".
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I'm going to get my own 99999th pageview and you can't stop me


(if you can you get a prize I guess)





posted from my windows phone

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tomorrow is the day i leave for canada

see you on the other side
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hello world


some updates for you:


I got a job and I'll be moving canada soon!

I can't make it to AX in LA but i'll try and attend some NA conventions in the future. If you're at AX, swing by the medicalwhiskey tables… and you might be able to pick up a postcard with my art on it! I'll go next year for sure


that's it there are only 2 updates but I'm feeling pretty great so that's something!

I'm still thinking about commissions because some guys seemed pretty interested. if I was to do it, the pricing would be like 50 (or equivalent in your currency) so you can think about that I guess.


peace out

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I'm considering taking commissions. Would anyone be interested in that?
Hey guys remember I said I might make a bad end part 2?

instead I decided to remake the original from scratch (with some pretty big changes)

you can read what I did so far on this new account I made for silly touhou things: :icon2who:
this way I can keep touhou spam off this one (also later i'll probably move all my old 2hu comics on there too)

have fun!
yo if you're going to comiket, look out for the medical whiskey circle table, they will be selling an artbook with some stuff by me in it.

the table will be @ Day 2 (August 11th) East Hall, table 東パ44b

too bad I can't be there!
i might do it
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Ive been working on new music. take a listen here:…
maybe you'll like it.
I'm leaving for a holiday in Japan

I'll be there from the 10th to the 17th

maybe if you're there too, we can meet?