Downton Abbey - Season 5

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Hello all!!

It's been far too long since our last update, and with the finale for Season (Series if you're UK) 5 of our beloved Downton Abbey, we are opening up the journal for discussion!!

What did you all think? Post your comments below! And if you haven't had the chance to watch the latest episodes, be warned, spoilers ahoy.

For those who are interested, Allen Leech, our lovely Tom Branson, did a fantastic interview over on reddit

I thought this season was so much more optimistic than previous ones. And of course, drama, drama, drama! Our favorites :)

Favorite moments? Cutest couple? Predictions for season 6?

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Brookette's avatar
Just finished watching last night! It did seems more optimistic than a couple of the previous years. My first prediction is that Edith will finally fall in love/get engaged/married and then it will come out that Gregson isn't dead and will come back and find her -then that will be big drama. I actually liked Tomas for most of this season! Weird? I'm sad that Tom is leaving*. I really like him so much! And I love Rose and Atticus! I can't wait to see that Lily James in Cinderella.

*The only way I'd be ok with this is if they gave him a spin-off show set in Boston (like the interview suggests)! That'd be awesome!!
astarayel's avatar
Ohhh that's a really interesting prediction! I would love to see Edith finally get some happiness, poor girl. I know what you mean about Thomas, too. He did seem to be softening up, which reminded me of the season where he befriends the blind soldier and he was sweet and kind and good up until the poor guy killed himself :(

Halowing's avatar
The season with the most drama so far, and hoping everyone can get out okay.
I was really hoping they drop the Mr. Greene case because it wasn't interesting, Rose and her new husband are really  adorable they shine so bright.
Violet and Isobell friendship and romance are well written and I'm glad no one died at this season.
Baxter and Thomas have no a good friendship, and Baxter and Molesley are so cute together, Daisy is learning alot.
Sad about Tom and Sibie 
and I was really happy about the ending, Anna with Bates, Lord Grantham is in good heathle, Edith had her wish and Carson and Miss Hughes marriage proposal. Everyone was so happy I was going to cry.
Looking forward to the next season!!
astarayel's avatar
I agree, the Greene case is getting a little ridiculous. Plus I hate that they keep messing with Anna and Bates' happiness. (Also, why don't we ever know his first name? I feel like we did at one point but we've all just forgotten it because no one calls him anything but Bates...)
Halowing's avatar
When they called Anna in for a witness I was going to filp if she was arrested for stupid reason, and surprise, she was I was realy mad!! But at least its over and hope it didn't come back again and in season six, yea I mean let them have their happy ending.
Its John, I think they mention it in either season 1 or 2 I believe, in the court case where He was in jail for his first wife murder's
astarayel's avatar
That sounds right! Excellent memory ;)
W3LTERW8's avatar
All in all, a great season. Kept me very invested! I found the Russian drama a bit tiresome, and I'm starting to get annoyed with Mary's stream of suitors (none of which are as good as Matthew), but I really loved the relationships between characters, especially Mary and Tom, and the Dowager and Isabel.
astarayel's avatar
Mary and Tom have this adorable friendship. But I miss Sybil so much, I do kind of wish she had stayed around. I wonder what Mary and Edith will do if/when Tom actually leaves and they only have each other again.
W3LTERW8's avatar
Something tells me that, EVENTUALLY, the two of them may grow a bit closer. I can only hope so, at least. Edith desperately needs a friend.
astarayel's avatar
Seriously. And Mary needs to stop being so awful to her. It's almost unbelievable given her character otherwise.
W3LTERW8's avatar
Yeah, I almost find it unbelievable even considering Mary's coldness. Sybil obviously tied the three of them together, but hopefully soon they'll be forced to face each other now that Tom's gone.
EmberGlacierWielder's avatar
when carson pops the question to miss hughes
astarayel's avatar
So many happy tears at that moment.

I love that she called him a great booby.
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