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January 25, 2008
X-AeRo FINAL aka "Vista R7" "is An incredible, beautiful, unique transparent skin that is this users first one. ~downtheory took the time to include colors that other deviantart members requested, and it's a beautiful first try!"
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X-AeRo FINAL aka 'Vista R7'

UPDATED - 03/03/2008

I have recieved a lot of questions on how to change the start menu text
colors. So in this update I`ll tell you how to do it.

And that desktop background in the new preview screen, is not included in this

Before getting started, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause anyone.
I should have included instructions in the first place.

How to use this theme:
^(not shouting, this is just so it will stand out) :)

After downloading X-Aero
Open the .rar archive (or right-mouse click and hit "extract here").
When this is done, select both "X-AeRo.theme" and the folder labeled "X-AeRo".
Drag both of these to: "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes"
Now for the final step, just apply the theme.
All done.

How to change start menu colors:

Inside of the X-Aero archive I`ve included 6 start menu text colors.
Pick the one that you want to use.
After doing so just rename the file to "X-Aero" (without the apostrophe).
Drag and drop the newly renamed file into:
or whichever directory you use for themes.
And thats it, your done!
Now just re-apply the theme and voila, new start menu text colors.
Enjoy! :)


CREDITS (re-copied):

Ralph1975 (again) for allowing me to use his shellstyles which can be found here:

And A BIG thank you to everyone who has helped me get familiar not only with dA, but with creating .msstyles themes, and also for making my stay here as cool as possible.

And thank you to everyone who has viewed / downloaded / and commented all of my work so far. :)
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I know why Microsoft didn't make the start menu very transparent... THEY HAVE NO SHADOWED TEXT!!!!
(they're stupid for not adding shadowed text to the taskbar/start menu)
i have everything down except for the task bar how do i get it to come up clear like yours?
mimou90's avatar
le theme est très magnefique en+ il est très performant merci bien
i downloaded this theme, how do i use it?
coooll but y not back-ground picture.Thems is good but y not bg images displays
Hey can u tell me where can i download UXTHEMES files plzzzzzzzzz
I'm loving the theme but the only thing i would like you to change is the start button because i like the idea of a win flag but it looks like crap after you made it glossy and plastic looking.
wow cool thx xD
Very nice, if only I could find that Firefox theme. Whats the name?
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Took me a while to find it searching [link] but I found it. :D

The theme is called NASA Night Launch. Great theme.

You can grab it here:

And thanks for the comment on the VS I appreciate it. :handshake:
I just encountered a problem:

There was a Service Pack update for all Vista Users.

It took 30 minutes to install. Now My theme files are all screwed up. My DLL files are messed up.

I can currently doing a system restore. I don't know if it will work. Vista Glazz can't patch my theme files. =(
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Do NOT run system restore, it won`t really help you.

Restore your original uxtheme.dll files.
They are found @ "C:\Windows\System32"
They will have a ".vgorg" file extension on them. For example "uxtheme.dll.vgorg"
Just rename the current set of uxtheme files to something like "themeui.dll.bad" or whatever.
Then rename the ones with the .vgorg extensions, back to their default names i.e. "uxtheme.dll".

After that, run a Google search for "VistaGlazzBeta3".
That is specifically the beta for Service Pack 1 users.
Download and then use it to patch your uxtheme.dll files again.

Then your themes should work properly.

Hope this helps. :)
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nice job but where can I findthe desktop background ? :)
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I didn`t include it. If you want I will upload it somewhere so you can grab it. :)
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I want lol ^^
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Here ya go.
Enjoy. If you need any more wallpapers like that I have quite a few. :)
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You`re welcome :).
hey im a little new to this so I don't get where C:\Windows\Resources\Themes is. please reply back! -krazeekidd182
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