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M11 Final V1

By downtheory
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Author: Downtheory a.k.a. Allen W.
Site: [link]
VS Name: M11
Date: 05/17/2008

Hopefully I did this theme justice. :)
I guess 26,138+ downloads can`t be sneezed at.

16 Desktop Wallpapers
Modififed Explorer.dll (for smaller user id frame)


=Sulzzz, once again for handing this project over to me.
Thanks a lot. I know it took forever to finally finish and release. :D

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded / viewed / commented.
All the support means so much!


If anyone decides to use parts from this theme, or any of my other themes,
please contact me and ask permission first. In the event you don`t ask for
permission please at least contact me with a link or something to show what you
have modified or done. Thank you.
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thx mec tu assure
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hey are u planning to do version 2 of this?
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Yeah, for Windows 7, once I get 7 Style Builder.
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with what do i have to open it? i click on M11, then shell, then normalcolor and then i have shellstyleddl but with what programm do i have to open shellstyleddl?
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This is such a cool theme, one of my favs! I've been searching all of Deviantart to find a theme that suits my background (sad, yes)...and this one is perfect!
nice job :)
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Appreciate the kind words :).
One day I`ll port this to Windows 7 and improve upon it some more.

Thanks again, nice to know my visual styles are still being used. :w00t:
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You're welcome. :) I'm pretty picky with my themes but this one is just so cool I had to download it.
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:D i really appreciate your comment, that`s awesome.

Well look forward to me releasing new visual styles in the near future. I`ll have Windows 7/Vista style builder soon. :)
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I have too many XP themes on another computer I use...I think it's like 30 or something.
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Oo! Nice work, You should work on Windows 7! :P
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I'm having problems making this theme look its best. If it matters, I'm using Vista Home Basic. Here are the changes with whta I downloaded:

1. The start menu doesn't use transparency at all. Instead it's a kind of silvery color where yours is see-through. The icons are also larger on mine.

2. The taskbar dividers (between the start button and the open applications) are slightly different, and can be slightly irritating, but only if you really stare at it.

3. The top part of open windows and the taskbar arent transapent unless the current window is FULLY maximized. Otherwise, the task bar is a silvery color and the top of the windows is the color set in the Windows Color and Appearence settings.
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:( I hate to tell you, this theme will not work properly on Vista Home Basic, as far as I know it will only work with any other version of Vista, including Business, and Ultimate.

That would be why it doesn`t look how it does in my screenshot. Because at the time I was running Vista Ultimate.

You should try upgrading to a better version of Vista, that might solve your problem there, unless someone else here knows of a workaround to get custom VS` working on Home Basic.
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love the start menu! very nice theme
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thanks. :)

i`m happy a lot of people are still even downloading this VS. :w00t:
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I can't download it on my computer... Norton blocks it.'-_-
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That`s strange.

I know there are no viruses in this file, no one else has reported it, and I virus scan everything before uploading.

Sounds like your Norton AV is overprotective :D.
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=[ i can't download other skins too i think it's the same problem?
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It is. :(
Yeah, Home Basic is about useless when it comes to using skins/themes/VS`s...
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ok it's allright.
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can you use mybe the windows 7 orb? i think it would look real good. Also, i think that the taskbar, the silver, could have a bit higher resoultion. very nice though! i like it!
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When I get a new PC setup with bigger hdd`s and all that I`ll dual boot Vista and 7.

Unfortunately at the moment, unless I find a way, I can`t create anything for Win Vista, because I`m running the Windows 7 beta right now. :(

I`m trying to find a way to port M11 to Windows 7 though, no success yet...

But I`ll definitely take note of your suggestions, and do my best to get to work on it as soon as I possibly can.
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Hey, you should test this with windows 7 using the smaller taskbar. They already have UXTheme.dll patches for 7000 and 7022.
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That`s a great idea :), the only thing is I have no clue where to start. I`ve read that creating themes for Windows 7 is a little different, if I knew where all the resources where I would seriously try it.

Think I`ll look around for a new tutorial or something.
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