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Aero.Dynamic v1

By downtheory
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This is just a small sample of Aero.Dynamic.
Still a bit more of work to be done. But not too much more.

Hope you guys enjoy the work done so far.
Personally I`m loving it.
I think I like the non-transparent minimalistic themes more now.
Before I was focused on trying to nail that perfect "glass" look.
Had mixed results. Think I`ve just now found my forte. :)

Remember, this is a beta more or less.
The final release will be this weekend if my circumstances allow.

I WILL be updating this one over time. So look out for updates.
Hopefully everyone will enjoy using it.

And if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line.
I`m open for any criticism and any ideas.
In the end this is for you guys as much as it is for myself. :)

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Hey, I love this theme, I've been using it for the last couple of weeks, but, the only thing I don't like is the fact that if I change the color scheme, it isn't saved. I have to go back and change it every time I log in. is there any way to fix this?
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Hmm...that seems to work for me.
Could be yet another bug...:worry:

At the moment, I have no clue how I would go about fixing that.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
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Okay I actually downloaded and it's quite nice. However, it's not very clear which window's the active one from the taskbar. Sure that isn't so essential, but it still helps a bit. Otherwise I can't say there's anything specific that stands out.
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Personally I'm one for simple taskbars with transparency, like in Leopard only sans macfaggotry. You should just make the taskbar transparent without worrying about glass, I'd say.
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Noted. And will take in to consideration for the next update.
Thanks. :)
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how the fuck you download this shit?
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The download link is to the left of the image ;).
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Very promising style :thumbsup:

Keep it up

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ive seen multiple examples of people adding the patched sp1 files, does this mean that i need to repatch the uxtheme files every time i want to change my theme? or is a patch universal?
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the patch is universal. once it`s applied, that`s it.
you shouldn`t have to re-patch every time you add a theme. Hope this helps :)
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thats cool, i just restored the original dll files, so now, what i should do is replace the patched dll files, right? i still have the rar file you made so ill have no problem getting them
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Correct. Replace the patched files. Hopefully everything will work then. Don`t hesitate to comment or note me back and I`ll try to help out as much as I can.
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well, i downloaded windowblinds for vista which works...sorta.... but thats moslty cause it is the free trial, i dont think i will buy it tho. ill go ahead and repatch the files, i did notice tho that now the theme files at least register as aero, but all they do is put the unformated aero on, ill tell you how it works when im done repatching, but for now, sleep cause i have to get up at 6 tomorrow. not fun
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some color on start button would be "yummier"
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I hadn`t thought about that.
The list of ideas is growing, thanks for contributing.
Even though the final version will be out this weekend, I will definitely continue working on it.
If your suggestion doesn`t make it in the v.1.0 final, it will def be in v.2.0. :)

Appreciate the comment.
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Looks great; thanks a lot for sharing. Only problem I've seen so far is that the taskbar look is only applied if it's docked to the bottom of the screen; all the other positions get you the regular vista taskbar.
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That has been taken care of.
When the final version is out, you`ll be able to drag that taskbar anywhere you want it, and it will look the same. No more regular Vista t-bar. :)
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Looks great! Love the start button.
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can't believe it's not the final version coz it's great IMO. can't imagine how the final would be. nice +fav
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A thinner taskbar version would be sweet, but please keep this version as well. as yethzart points out, this VS is great like it is. just fix any bug that you may find but please don't do any radical changes to it. keep the dark taskbar too and the big start button. I love it. :D
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Oh trust me, I will keep this version. :D
Too much work to throw away.

In fact, depending on the final file size, I will package both this version and the small taskbar version together.
Otherwise there will be seperate releases.

Thanx 4 the comment.
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as far as what i see on the preview, It looks great.. IMO > nothings to be changed.. This is more perfect :clap:
Just to be unique dont changed anything :D
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I love it! Running it now. Can't wait for the final release!

Is it possible to include a version with a small taskbar please? I don't know how much work that is, but I would really like that.
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