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Panda sofas.

It was "deviation of the day" but it was deleted without giving a real reason. I wish to burn in hell to everyone who caused the deletion.

Какой-то стукачок (чтоб он болел до самой смерти;) просигналил про какие-то copyrights (who the fuck is Alice?) полицаям и работу удалили. Залью еще раз - мне не сложно. Ага.
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nice! very nice!
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love it ! great work !!
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great ! add fav.
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Dude, this rocks!
I don't know why could that kung-fu panda been a reason for deletion... It's obvious that it's not "stealing", most people know where that character is from...
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There is a wisdom in russian language (I think, we got it somewhere from the east): Even if the dog is barkling - the camell still goes his way:)
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We have the same in Hungary :)
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This is skillful and also beautiful. Anyy chance on this going live on the web.
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After some time - I see here a lot of mistakes:)
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Great idea good work : )
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About the photos in your layouts... You guys take them? Or they are from stock pictures? Or is it 3d? Because they totally match your concept... :)

Sorry to ask a lot, but your designs are awesome.
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some are from stock, some are mine, some are 3D... it's hard sometimes ti find exactly what is needed - but i like the job.
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I see. Once again, congratulations. It's awesome. I'm a great fan of this "organical" type of websites, and sometimes is hard to find the photo that we have in mind... that's why I asked :D

Keep up the amazing job!
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What does ""organical" type of websites" mean??:)
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My concept of "organical" is a more realistic approach instead of just gradients and reflections. A site as a real thing or place, with human feeling. That's what you do, in my opinion :) and I like it so much!
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Yea I remember I saw this in the Daily deviantion page.

So weird the deletion :/.

But you now have a new one DD XP.
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Yeah... again in the club:))
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Дизайн замечательный )) Тексты тоже радуют ;)
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