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Painting with light 1

Some homework from my course.
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This has been featured in my journal!

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amazing love it
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I intend to use this in :groups:#Everything-Nikons next monthly news letter. If you are unhappy with this please let me know :)
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i was wondering how you did this photo...
because i would like to do something like this for my photo class and i just dont understand how you did it...
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i love light painting with Refection, nicly done
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Featured in my journal: Light Painting
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It´s wonderful! It´s very amazing like the balls reflects the spiral lights ~ I love it! <3
Good job!
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great movement and reflection.
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Wow ! First, the movement with the light is wonderful, but, also, the picture is grat ! Awesome job !
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Wow! Simple but such a great idea! I love how the light reflects off the balls into a spiral! Nice! Hmm? Homework? U go to college for light painting or something?
Anyway u should check out my light painting vid.

I got more on my profile 2.

Again very nice.
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very nice :) i love the objects in the photo also :)
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This piece has been featured here: [link] :)
This is really cool. I guess I'm pretty slow but I've just learned about light painting and I love it. Just tried to do a few with my cheap point and shoot and cellphone light. Not great but not bad lol. I love how you used those orbs for the reflection. Very awesome. Saw a previous comment about a mirror. I am definitely going to try that.
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thats amazing! ^^
what did u use? i used sparklers once but the lines look so static
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:wow: This is stunning.
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Cool. It's nice and simple, yet interesting.
I did a little darkroom/light painting stuff a while back, but after seeing some awesome pictures people did I really want to go back and do more with it.
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way cool! love the reflective steelies!
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This is awesome, the reflections off the balls make the photo :heart:
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