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Envy :icondown-flower:Down-Flower 2 0
    An obnoxious buzzer sounded in my ears. My alarm clock had been set for 5 a.m. and now it was fulfilling its duty. My eyes shot open as the events from yesterday came racing back to me and I sat straight up. I had a lot of work to do. Yesterday, I had signed a contract that could change my life forever. This was supposed to be my big break. After all the years spent preening and preparing, this was it: the big one. Today was the day I would become the next cover model for Vogue. There was a lot of pressure not to screw this up.
    I placed my feet on the floor and made my way to the bathroom. After taking care of the unbecoming but necessary releases, I got to work.
    As I washed my face in preparation for all the layers I would soon apply, I silently thanked the company that manufactured my nightly facial treatment. It was an all-natural recipe that reduced redness and completely cured any adult acne. The dark green mi
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 1 0
    “Welcome home son.”
    The stroller was pushed through the tall, solid oak doors, revealing a high ceilinged lobby. The tiny baby gazed straight up and gurgled at the sight. What he couldn’t see over the edge of the stroller walls were all the hallways with numerous bedroom doors that came off the entryway. Nor could he see that many of the furnishings were carved from solid marble or granite.
    Gabriel was only one day old and he was already one of the wealthiest Americans to ever live.
    *          *          *
    At the age of just six years old, Gabriel’s parents took him to the New York Stock Exchange for the first time and began teaching him the ways of the stock investor.
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 1 0
    So, I stopped by the store recently and saw the cutest journal. I just had to have it. But what to do with it? Hmmm…I’ll keep a diary. I suppose, since I’m so out of practice, I’ll wait for the last night of the month and pick a day that was the most exciting and write about that. Nothing too eventful in April. Just picked out some outfits for an upcoming benefit. Something to match the colors of the theme. I’ll probably only wear them once, but hey, it’s still fun. Ooh! I know, I’ll add concluding thoughts at the end of each entry. How about: April showers bring May flowers. Gosh, when will my garden grow? Crap, screwed up the final thoughts. Okay, I need to stop writing. Good night, journal.
    OH MY GOD! He did it! He finally did it! I don’t
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 1 0
    I swirled the dregs of my scotch-on-the-rocks and downed it in one gulp. Slamming my glass down on the table, I yelled, “Put it all on 21!”
    The dealer raked in the chips and spun the wheel. The ball clattered, bouncing to and fro, ever indecisive of where it should land. The wheel began to slow and everyone’s eyes were on me. I didn’t care. I’d won at least once at every table I’d played this night, but Roulette was where I was king. I seemed to have a feel for where the ball was going to land next. I was on a roll, but I knew going too far would be all too easy and promised myself that I would leave by the time my glass was empty. My last gulp was my last bet, but I planned on coming back the next night, and if the streak held, the night after that. You can bet on it.
    The wheel and the ball finally saw eye to eye and agreed on a number, but the wheel was still spinning too quickly for any
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 1 0
Mature content
Lust :icondown-flower:Down-Flower 1 0
    “I suppose it all started when I was a young boy. My father took me to a donut shop every morning and a bakery every afternoon. I learned to dine only on the finest creations that were made that morning, and on the days I would forget my “special rule” of only eating the freshest pastries, upon tasting, I would immediately spit out the rancid leftovers of yesterday. It was amazing as I watched the employees rush over to me and demand what was wrong. Actually, demand isn’t entirely accurate. They would calmly ask the silly question, but I’m not one to judge the notions of a 6-year-old boy, it was demanding to me at the time. I would pound my fists on the table and simply demand a fresher pastry since the one I’d just tasted was clearly from yesterday, or worse.
    “My wine? Carbonated beverages. Only the finest for me, of course. Is there such a thing, though, as a fine soda pop? It’s all garbag
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 0 0
Finally finished (I kinda cheated) by Down-Flower Finally finished (I kinda cheated) :icondown-flower:Down-Flower 7 5
The Chase
The Lawful Good
She was fast. Too fast. I called into my walkie talkie for back up, but I already knew they wouldn’t arrive soon enough. The orb was secure in her thieving hands, swiftly being carried far away from its origin. I didn’t know why she wanted it so badly, but if it was valuable enough to be guarded deep underground, that was reason enough for me to do my job.
* * *
The Chaotic Good
I ran as fast as I could. That pathetic cop would never catch up to me and soon, the Venusian world would have unlimited free power. Though the back of my mind pondered why this powerful orb was ever kept secret, all I knew for sure was that it had to be given to the people. This was what our cloud city had needed ever since the colonies arrived.
* * *
The Neutral
I leapt to my window where I could hear the sirens. Through the thick yellow fog, I saw a cloaked figure sprinting at an inhuman speed away from a law enforcer. My heart jumped into my throat as I tried to vicariously feel
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 4 0
FFM Day 30
As the ancient and withered couple lay together, sharing a queen hospital bed, waiting for the next adventure, they recalled all the times they’d shared before.
“Remember when we first met? Oh, we were just silly kids back then.”
“Oh yes, now what farm did we hail from?”
“Mr. Billy’s goat farm.”
“Oh, that’s right, and let’s not forget what how we found each other after the slaughter.”
“Dog and butterfly. Though my life was much shorter than yours, we still found each other even then.”
A chuckle, “But then you came back as another dog and I was so amazed. I think those were the best days. Dogs are such playful creatures.”
“Then we rose again as humans. It seems like we’ve been doing that a lot lately.”
“Yeah, but I did like all those other lives we’ve built together too. Though there’s nothing quite like the ability to just grab what you want.”
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 4 2
The Calla Lily
“Oh, what a lovely place. I have enjoyed so many things here, but how to remember the memories?” I looked down at my feet and saw the most beautiful calla lily sprouting up between the tall grasses. “That’s perfect.” The moment I plucked it, a rapid series of events unfolded around me.
First, air raid sirens began to blare and red police lights popped up out of the ground. Then a large number of elite troops closed in on me and proceeded to subdue me.
“Stop resisting!” one of them cried. I wasn’t. I hadn’t even considered it.
A bag was thrust over my head, blocking out any light, but I could still feel myself get thrown into a vehicle and hauled away.
After getting thrown around a few more times, I heard a metal door slide shut and the click of a lock. A muffled voice spoke to me, “You can remove your mask now.”
I took it off and blinked rapidly at the bright fluorescent lights. My cell was non-descript. I only had a toi
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 3 0
FFM Day 28
Coco knelt down by the rock marked with the image of a bear and began to pray, “Great Grizzly of Strength, I doubt my faith. I have never heard an answer from you or any of the others. Please, give me a sign to stay and I will.”
The rock remained unchanged. No gods stepped from the forest shadows, no clouds boomed with the voice of a bear. Nothing happened at all.
Coco stood up and brushed off his hands. “Time to go,” he said to himself. He picked up the rucksack he’d packed that morning in anticipation of no results and left a small offering behind so anyone who came looking for him would know where he had gone.
He headed off in a westerly direction with no idea what he would find or how long it would take to get there, but he came prepared, for he had packed a hearty supply of dry food and weapons for hunting. This would keep him alive until the first snow fall.
He remembered an old story passed down the generations about how his tribe had once been a ma
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 3 5
Triple Word Score
It was a smooth, flat plain. Glossy, too. As if someone had come along and cleaned it up to look perfectly manufactured. White lines ran from the north to the south and from the east to the west. Where they crossed, perfect squares were found. It was all a bit too pristine. Occasionally, one might find squares that were colored differently from the rest. Sometimes pink, sometimes red, and at least two shades of blue were scattered across the land. It’s even been said that if an observer can get high enough, the colored squares come together to form one massive X, connecting the distant, unseen diagonals of the grid.
Every few minutes, a behemoth would come and block out the sun. It was a creature so massive that it could easily crush the titans of legend. Often it would even block out the entire sky. With it would come a piece of cellulose that somehow matched the exact size and shape of one of the grid squares. And every time, the sky creature would slam its square of cellulose
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 2 2
Avada Kedavra
“C’mon little fella, into the chamber.” The janitor was conducting another “crazy experiment,” called such by his coworkers. He knew exactly what he was doing, but his coworkers never saw him as more than a joke.
The mouse crossed the threshold into the tiny opaque chamber tentatively, as if it knew what fate awaited it.
The janitor closed the chamber door and nearly flipped the switch when the lab door opened. He quickly grabbed his broom and began sweeping an arbitrary part of the floor.
“Howdy, Clem. Need another flask? I just finished cleaning them,” said the janitor to the intruder.
“Got plenty of those, Fred. Just looking for some rubber stoppers. My students seem to go through them like crazy.”
“Well, you know where to go.”
“That I do, Fred, that I do,” Clem called from inside the supply cabinet.
Fred continued sweeping while Clem gathered up some stoppers and, after bidding a farewell, left Fred alone
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 3 5
Blood Oats
“And obviously, Eudoxus is here, seeing as that’s me,” muttered the leader to himself. He continued “Theagenes?”
“And finally, Avaris?”
Silence. In their small circle, deep inside the nighttime forest by a small campfire, only four people were present and accounted for. Avaris was either late, or missing.
“Does anyone know where Avaris is?”
“Maybe he’s still off on his mission,” suggested Albinus.
“No, I gave him more than enough time to complete it. He should be here,” replied Eudoxus. “But, we shall give him just a bit more time.”
“And if he doesn’t come?” asked Theagenes.
“Well, we can’t continue the ceremony without him, so we’ll have to come back another time, and obviously the job will be given to someone else.”
Suddenly a loud cra
:icondown-flower:Down-Flower 2 8
Mature content
Just Stay Positive :icondown-flower:Down-Flower 4 4

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