Go(ogle) f*** yourself, not us

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By Dowlphin
Go(ogle) f*** yourself, not us

Spread the link to this article if you are interested in this crap not happening anymore. It will never stop unless there is force applied.

(I probably shouldn't even have censored my language considering how much this annoys me, but I suspected a word filter preventing me from posting this entry, when it turned out it's just dA making trouble with my up-to-date Firefox. (I can click the preview button, but not the submit button.))

UPDATE: Kind of resolved for the specific case.
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You are one intelligent German(not saying that Germans are stupid,i just rarely see people of any nation with this kind of mindset)
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Thank you for your appreciation. As the incident shows, my qualities can be a burden in this world. Moral support is especially helpful. (Material, too, haha.)