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Published: June 28, 2014
Greetings my loyal minio... I mean subj... NO I mean peasa... GAAAAAH - DEAD READER!

The need for expansion of my various activities is a big theme in my life, and in an attempt to find more driving purpose for my creative output, I have decided to extend my web presence to some more platforms,
namely Twitter, Tumblr and Wordpress (and Reddit, but since it's a mere content aggregator, this might only be useful to you if you can't follow me on the other sites).

I cannot guarantee when or how much content will appear, but once I have that avenue available, it might help me get some more momentum. I'm pretty sure I'll be quite active especially on Twitter once I have a certain subscriber base.

So if you like what I do on deviantART and YouTube and the web in general, please consider subscribing to my new Tumblr, Twitter and Wordpress (and maybe Reddit), too and sharing it with others when content appears.

The worst that can happen is that nothing happens and you forgot you even subscribed, so nothing lost. ^^ But I think it's gonna be much better than that. ;)

The general purpose of this move is the realization that I have entertainment (as well as sharing ideas and insights) at heart, living it in most of what I do, and since I almost always try to make even things like mere comments interesting, subscribing to the 'whole package' makes sense. :)

Audience makes a huge difference!

I'll probably share many things that I find noteworthy. I'll have to figure out how much over time, getting used to those new avenues. Especially I'm not sure yet whether I will post things wherever they fit, or only on the one platform where they fit best. Probably the latter, to avoid administration overhead, since there will be increasing overlap with each new service I join.

My idea at this time is to use it this way:
Wordpress: Proper, tendentially lenghty text-based blogging, like essays or thoughts of the day
Tumblr: Visual commentary, sharing, drawn art that doesn't fit well on deviantART
Twitter: Brief thoughts, very likely to be rich in puns ^^. Maybe also upload notifications and such, not sure at this point.
Reddit: Notifications about noteworthy new works for people who don't follow me on my other sites

So basically I invite you to subscribe in part because I won't use these to document my daily life's every move or boring stuff like that, but to entertain, inspire and enlighten; Being my usual self, communicating and sharing.
My Wordpress blog could contain all kinds of themes, and also the occasional rant. No holding back if I deem it important/relevant/interesting.
(Google+ by the way has very little priority for me at this time. I still haven't forgiven what Google did to Youtube there.)

So... here are all the subscribable links I can currently offer:   ⇐You are here……
(Technically there's also Cheezburger, but I'm not active there anymore. I'll publish my caption pictures on deviantART and/or Tumblr.)

Thank you! :-)

UPDATE: I have a second blog now - on Blogspot. I felt I needed this because my Wordpress turned out to be an essay blog for well-thought-out things, while Twitter's 140-character limit is too restrictive to convey many of my less refined thoughts.

UPDATE 2 (2014-09-17): I now also have an art livestreaming channel on…
I'll probably not stream on my own at this point, but joining multichannel streams is fun and gives me motivation to draw.
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Ah, I love puns! I'll catch you on Twitter--I'm TheGeneraless there as well. Also, I have a Tumblr-- I can pop a hello by. / ^ \