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(update at the bottom)

So far I always went with: A leather jacket doesn't wear down, but it gains character.
Well, I had a very old one I used all the time and another ancient one I used for colder weather and on the bike and such.
But both have really aged, with light spots on the dry leather, rips, torn pocket linings (leading to secret storage, haha), both are boring black.
So I went shopping and really didn't expect to almost immediately find something that resonated a lot with me.

A couple days ago I found a jacket at a supermarket for 50€ and it was awful, like a plastic corset, and the pocket situation was cheapass. But it awakened my desire.

Yesterday I replaced my black right-handed wallet with a soft-cushiony-brown leathered left-handed one (the 'vertical' layout). Easier to see stuff in it and just looks and feels more interesting, and the conventional layout was always an annoying hassle with the coin pocket.

(The Zero-Euro is my design. Reminds me of the real value of money.)
Alte und neue Geldbrse by Dowlphin

I also recently got a pair of made-in-Germany(!) shoes for a fair price (60€), and they're very light and comfy, and their color goes well with many pieces. (Also well-designed soles. No dirt or gravel will ever get stuck there.) This together with also having replaced my ancient, deteriorating bike tires for top-class ones for a bargain is like a renewal of my ground contact, if you look at it poetically. (And then there is that new and original Waveboard I managed to buy for 15€. Just waiting for no rain and no wind now, hah.)

Neue Schuhe - Jomos - mit Karton by Dowlphin

So today at a medium-class clothing store I saw a jacket for only 40€ that feels a lot better than the supermarket one, has zippers for the hand pockets, looks stylish and is blue, just my wallet doesn't go easily into the relatively small inner pockets.

At a high-class clothing store I saw a beige-grayish one that feels amazing (sheep nubuk), appropriate for the price (which is A LOT higher, haha), has abundant big and convenient pockets, just the hand pockets are buttoned, but they're not fully vertical, so they do have some depth that stuff doesn't immediately fall out of. (I actually ended up with one pocket empty - not enough stuff to fill it.)
As you see, I am always looking for a synthesis of beauty and practicality. Which can be VERY FRUSTRATING.

I went back and forth, on the way picked up a lovely-cheerful-yellow-white hoodie for 9€ to replace my - again black and ancient - sweater jacket for when a t-shirt isn't enough but a jacket is too much. (I resent pullovers almost as much as business suits.)

LEFT: granddad jacket | RIGHT: Yo-yo-yoooooolk!
Hoodies by Dowlphin

I realized that while the blue-j is a bargain for what it offers, I still needed one that gives me that 'primary, everyday jacket' feeling. So I bought the beige one, and when you spend a lot of money, other expenses pale in comparison, so I decided to buy the cheap one, too. This is wise because when you buy something expensive, it is good to have something less valuable for situations where the expensive item would be too precious. (And artificial leather is just so very convenient in the rain.)

This was definitely worth the investment, considering for how long I have owned the old jackets. (Must be very roughly two decades.)

I'm also watching someone who I was thinking of while writing this and who I think may find this topic of some interest:

(I gotta say though, I think the style of the black jackets fits me well, too. They have that laid-back vibe. And the easy-access drop pockets of the former everyday one are just the peak of practicality.)
Jacken 1 by Dowlphin

Jacken 2 by Dowlphin

There are many jackets. But these ones are mine.

So whadda ya think?

Some combining. I am considering using this as my bio picture, but I might pick better background and lighting first, and maybe shave.
Full2 by Dowlphin

The light brown jacket is in return because it turned out to be a nightmare regarding waterproofing and generally keeping it clean / cleaning it and the seller quite misinformed me about this. I'll sigh when that is resolved.
So the blue jacket (Blue-J) is now my only one. And thus it is worthy of more dedication, and was also in need of that. I replaced the buttons. The wrist on the left side was annoyingly clashing with the heel of my hand, and I couldn't deform that bit to not be like that anymore, so I switched the order of how the buttons connect on the wrists, and took the opportunity to also change the look to golden, which I like a lot better with that blue. (Sadly I of course cannot just replace all the zippers to golden, too. Really a missed opportunity by the manufacturer.) In the process the tool broke and some buttons bent, I had to improvise the rest, and now I am one piece short in case I want to replace the lower parts of the epaulet buttons which I realized too late are not compatible with the new buttons. Because right now they are loose and make noise on movements, which cannot stay. But to replace the lower halves I would have to open the interior lining of the jacket in both shoulder areas! Really not in the mood for more potential trouble. I'll probably try to figure out a good way to affix them otherwise, or maybe I eventually find the motivation to go through the tedious procedure anyway. I don't think I can file them off to have a smaller diameter. I'd probably create a hole in them and then water could leak into the jacket. Definitely not gonna risk that. (Although I guess glue could fix that.) I could also consider glue, but that would probably not handle the movement. It's just a very vexing situation.
And to add to my pissed mood, now some other part of the left arm (related to the zipper element) is clashing with my hands, scratching against my wrist, because it, too, is deformed in a different way that on the right side. And the zipper handles sit differently, too. Oh, and when I fold the collar over, I can feel the leather handle loop on my neck. And dunno whether I mentioned it, but the inner lining has already ripped in the past, near one arm, and needed repair.
I hate stupid design. Compared to this, my crappy old jacket was perfect. - Man, I wish I had the money for custom tailoring.

New Buttons by Dowlphin
I did my very first proper livestream, with the resources available, pushing the limits all the time, heh:
I'd be delighted if you became a Twitch follower. Then things can gain energy and momentum, and I'm SO much better in dialogue than when talking into the void, haha.
Go(ogle) f*** yourself, not us

Spread the link to this article if you are interested in this crap not happening anymore. It will never stop unless there is force applied.

(I probably shouldn't even have censored my language considering how much this annoys me, but I suspected a word filter preventing me from posting this entry, when it turned out it's just dA making trouble with my up-to-date Firefox. (I can click the preview button, but not the submit button.))

UPDATE: Kind of resolved for the specific case.
That's what I'm trying to practice.
I made a donations link on my website.
Also on Twitch, but on my website there's more detailed info about my motivations to do so now.

Should someone want to commission something (for example if they're interested in seeing how I express myself freely or accurately fulfill a clearly defined task when actual substantial appreciation fuels my energy), I am open to that, too, as well as contributing to certain projects. There are more various things I can do than I can list here.
As if things weren't already difficult enough.……
UPDATED 2015-11-06

Please spread. People need to know. Too many don't care.
The internet annoyed me so much lately, so I finally found the impulse to draw again. Just some humble line&fill work. It's not done yet. After ~50% completion I ran out of steam and continuing would really have started to feel like a chore. Staring at a blurry analog VGA screen and trying to fill all the gaps feels tedious after a while.
I almost threw the towel before even starting, when I had to resolve several technical issues related to my digitizer first. Some of it known but forgotten issues, but some new, requiring me to eventually just reboot my whole system to fix it because I wasn't in the mood for hunting down the cause. I'm amazed I managed to push through that without major energetic injuries. Maybe I hate those problems too much to give them the satisfaction.
So now, for the time being, I'm back to having no idea how to spend the rest of my day (actually night). Feeling of accomplishment? ... I don't even know.
The new deviantart logo is the epitome of how to NOT be deviant. It conveys the same boring process that any growing business with mainstream aspirations seems to be going through. You just gotta have an extremely simplistic logo. Gradients are poison. Complexity is to be avoided. This is an art site after all. Unite everybody under one easy to grasp icon.
Because the logo conveys what the business is about, and deviantart is about efficiency.
If I sound like I'm getting worked up over this, I'm not. How could I about something that is so boringly all-pervasive and happening again and again? Look at the development of brand logos of huge, expanding businesses and you can see the same trend everywhere. It reflects the dull and void-of-beauty mind of the corporate moneymaker.

And from a first-reaction type of standpoint, I look at the logo and think: Is this the website of a public transportation business?
First time ever someone else drew my OC ... and so cute!

Stream with ShinodaGE #4 by Agamnentzar
Greetings my loyal minio... I mean subj... NO I mean peasa... GAAAAAH - DEAD READER!

The need for expansion of my various activities is a big theme in my life, and in an attempt to find more driving purpose for my creative output, I have decided to extend my web presence to some more platforms,
namely Twitter, Tumblr and Wordpress (and Reddit, but since it's a mere content aggregator, this might only be useful to you if you can't follow me on the other sites).

I cannot guarantee when or how much content will appear, but once I have that avenue available, it might help me get some more momentum. I'm pretty sure I'll be quite active especially on Twitter once I have a certain subscriber base.

So if you like what I do on deviantART and YouTube and the web in general, please consider subscribing to my new Tumblr, Twitter and Wordpress (and maybe Reddit), too and sharing it with others when content appears.

The worst that can happen is that nothing happens and you forgot you even subscribed, so nothing lost. ^^ But I think it's gonna be much better than that. ;)

The general purpose of this move is the realization that I have entertainment (as well as sharing ideas and insights) at heart, living it in most of what I do, and since I almost always try to make even things like mere comments interesting, subscribing to the 'whole package' makes sense. :)

Audience makes a huge difference!

I'll probably share many things that I find noteworthy. I'll have to figure out how much over time, getting used to those new avenues. Especially I'm not sure yet whether I will post things wherever they fit, or only on the one platform where they fit best. Probably the latter, to avoid administration overhead, since there will be increasing overlap with each new service I join.

My idea at this time is to use it this way:
Wordpress: Proper, tendentially lenghty text-based blogging, like essays or thoughts of the day
Tumblr: Visual commentary, sharing, drawn art that doesn't fit well on deviantART
Twitter: Brief thoughts, very likely to be rich in puns ^^. Maybe also upload notifications and such, not sure at this point.
Reddit: Notifications about noteworthy new works for people who don't follow me on my other sites

So basically I invite you to subscribe in part because I won't use these to document my daily life's every move or boring stuff like that, but to entertain, inspire and enlighten; Being my usual self, communicating and sharing.
My Wordpress blog could contain all kinds of themes, and also the occasional rant. No holding back if I deem it important/relevant/interesting.
(Google+ by the way has very little priority for me at this time. I still haven't forgiven what Google did to Youtube there.)

So... here are all the subscribable links I can currently offer:   ⇐You are here……
(Technically there's also Cheezburger, but I'm not active there anymore. I'll publish my caption pictures on deviantART and/or Tumblr.)

Thank you! :-)

UPDATE: I have a second blog now - on Blogspot. I felt I needed this because my Wordpress turned out to be an essay blog for well-thought-out things, while Twitter's 140-character limit is too restrictive to convey many of my less refined thoughts.

UPDATE 2 (2014-09-17): I now also have an art livestreaming channel on…
I'll probably not stream on my own at this point, but joining multichannel streams is fun and gives me motivation to draw.
Occasionally I hear people talk about what they do when they're in a bad mood, so apparently (in the case of artists) that doesn't necessarily kill their creative drive. They might draw different stuff or their music might sound according to their mood, but they make art.
I always envied that, because - probably very much like the Pinkie Pie guy I am - I need to be in a good mood to have the energy to create, to be productive, to be myself.
But I realize I do have an inherent 'special power' like that: Ideas. Regardless of how angry or depressed or generally unmotivated I am, a single thought or perception in that state can cause me to come up with great ideas.
Hm, maybe I should call it a basic attack instead, since it's available all the time; but I don't want to dive too deeply into gaming metaphors, haha.
And that's why feeling down sucks so much for me: It widens the gap between the amount of ideas I have and how many of them I can put into practice.
Incidentally, ideas are often my only source of motivation, and thus my ideas my only tool for self-motivation.

It all feels like a losing battle though. You can keep winning skirmishes and still lose the war.
"Verschlimmbesserung" is a modern German word creation that describes a process of 'improvement' which makes things worse.

Among the many things that bother me about dA and repeatedly remind me not to throw money at them is the page layout. Among other things, they seem to have it optimized for what amounts to half width on my screen, especially the ID section where the user picture takes up a lot of space, while it could be elegantly surrounded by the text, thus not wasting precious screen space.

And what do I see now? It got worse! Almost impossible to waste even more space in the ID section. I really hope this is just a severe web dev mishap, but my cynical-equals-mostly-realistic side isn't convinced of that.

Seeing how big websites like YouTube, Steam and deviantART (or operating systems like Windows, or web browsers) are developing keeps reminding me of the human madness that increasingly spreads in the world in various areas. And I know very well where it's coming from, but that knowledge doesn't really help staying calm about stuff like this.

What dA f***?! by Dowlphin

UPDATE: Wow, that was quick.
Internet style shipping:
(Brings flowers to his mother at the hospital bed.)
"Oooh! You're secretly in love with your mother! So cute! Come on, make out!"

Two characters look at each other the wrong way and the phantasy runs wild. ... No surprise that Hollywood movies tend to get cheesy and superficial. They sense that mindset and make sure to always throw some food for it in a movie, and the more crude the audience, the more crude the movie.

MLP (and many other shows) encourages healthy, sane and relaxed relations, but of course people can always bend that into a picture that suits them.
People who overinterpret friendly gestures are usually called "creepy" and depicted as such in said shows; usually with a moral at the end about being natural and confident.

I encourage people to learn to recognize a good teacher and respect it.
Might sound ironic to those who don't understand, but that actually helps to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.
You might have noticed the bunch of new caption pictures lately. That's the result of all the inspiration that the awesome season finale gave me.
Much energy ... and I intend to use it.

I also wrote a commentary:…
This is really puzzling:
I occasionally encounter an artist who states how many DAYS they worked on something. (picture, video, music etc.) But do they really not see that this information is of virtually no use if we don't know how many HOURS they worked on it? They never mean 24 hours when they say "day", yet they say it and don't tell us how long they work on it each day.

I could say I worked six days on a drawing that actually took me 30 minutes to make. Sound like a lot more that way.

P.S.: It literally took me A DAY to write this journal entry!
And that's still nothing! It took me more than a MONTH to write this and the previous entry! :eyepopping:

P.P.S.: Journal entry preview is a dead end and navigating back deletes my text. Is this Google+ or what?!

Link-following - a dying art?

Tue Feb 18, 2014, 9:43 AM
Title pretty much says it.
Convenience can be good, but it can also be the bane of humankind.
Just learned of a Chrome browser addon called "Hover Zoom" that directly displays full pictures to thumbnails when you hover over them with the cursor. Now I know why some of my art I post on Reddit isn't exciting anybody. It's not compatible with my enriched art, where title and description (and whatever else might be hidden in there) is part of the whole thing.

Hover Zoom prevents people from seeing the big picture!

Now isn't THAT ironic!

Don't use Hover Zoom or you will miss all that heavenly glory!
- Bruce Lee (Enter the Pony, 1973)

I decided to scan through my older works that I published on Cheezburger (which are often based on show material) and upload those here where I consider a certain amount of wit involved ... be it literary creativity, technique, timing, subtle meaning or other things like that. (Just like with my photography, title and description are often part of the whole thing.) ... Works that kinda reflect my special spin on things, even if it's minimalistic. Then I have everything here on dA that might entertain people and contains at least a tiny amount of art.
I'll spread the uploads over a few days.
Some of them will be ... digitally remastered. As you have never seen them before! :D

UPDATE: Mission completed.
Next: Got some nice ideas in the queue. As usual, I have to find the energy to make them a reality.
Lately, caffeine is teaching me the meaning of friendship. And a very reliable friend it is ... if you don't bother it too often.
My ponysona's coat color is actually not just owlish, but also somewhat frappé-coffee colored. One of my favorite beverages.


Robbing yourself and others of a pleasant surprise is antisocial and ruining entertainment. It's not healthy.

Especially when you can expect something to be fun, there is no reason to want to know in advance, Others will appreciate it, too, if you don't ruin a pleasant surprise and the joy of the unknown for them.

Supplement: Cheezburger just pissed me off even more than before, because when I thought it was safe to browse to page 20 there, I realized that spoilers can span half a month at least. There's probably no time limit, so WHENEVER you browse that page, there can be spoilers farther ahead than you would imagine.

I gave that website a chance, but seeing them even upscale the crap from last time does it for me. At best it's submit-only for me now.

Supplement 2: This becomes like an epic struggle. Even can't wait for episodes to come out before selling shirts with their content. I just wanted to check out a shirt and first in the list is from an unaired episode. ... Well, another business I definitely will not give my money. Apparently they make more than enough by serving the pathologically impatient.

And sometimes I wish the most inconsiderate of them would wake up one day and have permanent knowledge of every single moment of the rest of their life all the way to their death. Maybe only then will they realize what's so bad about spoilers.

And believe it or not, but in a way I'm speaking from personal experience here.

I personally don't get such a good vibe from the Cheezburger team lately, so I've decided to upload more stuff here on dA. I'm aware it might not be what people expect, but there are a few things to consider:

- Everybody has to start small.
- Restricting your own creative output impairs free flow of inspiration.
- Humorous entertainment is (or can be) a form of art.
- The deviantART community seems very nice and supportive, and I can always use feedback, or just an audience enjoying my stuff.
- I don't have the nerve to try yet another site (Tumblr) and deal with all the potential quirks and issues there.

Related to this, a musician once gave me the advice to not censor my creative output because of worries it might not be good enough or not received well. Self-expression is a part of making art.

"I'm gonna make my own cheezburger! With blackjack! And hookers!"

After Youtube manifested yet another bug (or not a bug) asking me to set my language in an annoying banner although it wasn't that forgetful before, now deviantART - after already having broken the one-might-think-primitive save button for submission editing on my browser (best case scenario is a several seconds delayed reaction to mouse clicks) - now decided that Opera 12.16 is not new enough and I should instead upgrade to the crappy nightmare that is basically the (by my standards horrible) Chromium with a huge Opera construction site on top of it with most of the pleasant Opera UI features missing. And that isn't enough, since businesses are not satisfied with merely informing. Coersion is the new trend. They're spamming a banner with that message right on top of the main access bar. Basically saying: Either you do what we want, or we make things very difficult for you.

This growing madness of the fearful competitive-market-capitalist mindset will not end well. Many people might get used to new ways of disrespect easily, but I've grown up with an experience of what proper conduct is. From plenty of experience I can say that tolerating this just leads to more of the same crap. I tried switching to Firefox, but they're incapable of providing the usability of the Presto-based Opera browser. (And even newer versions of Opera have more and more shortcomings.)

For my own sanity I'm already trying my best to avoid using websites like this as best as I can, because they get worse and worse. This kind of environment is not supportive of my creative drive (unless you count gore-splatter-grimdark scenarios).