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Antlerjack by Dowlphin Antlerjack by Dowlphin
There was no way a pinkisode like S07E23 Secrets and Pies couldn't give me Pinkie vision (… ), so for a brief moment in a scene I couldn't help but see AJ sitting there in the castle as having a crystal antler/horn thingie on her hat or head. I really wonder whether the animators did this intentionally out of playfulness to mess a little with our perception.

This is the first time in ages I used my digitizer display, and it took me several hours to get it working again. (At first nothing worked properly and then it went downhill from there.) It's weird how I almost didn't rage at all. I was close to giving up, but I just wanted to get it working. (A Chinese analog display and Windows are a bad combination.)

This is a freestyle trace to explore my hand. I didn't like the show cutout I made as reference for my commentaries, and since this is meaningful self-expression and since AJ can always use some foreground love, heh, I remade it.

From past experience, I created the necessary layers (and color reference) before moving the project to the digitizer. Proper layering is a major frustration-avoider and it can be tedious and disruptive to switch between pen and keyboard, between art and administrative. I still added some off-system correction layers in the end though and the fill was mostly just one layer. But ideally you look at the motive first and decide which element goes in front of which until you got it all figured out. (Which gets really 'fun' with stuff like the tail that goes in front AND behind something else, where you have to add correctional layers or split it up somehow.) I decided against creating layers for adjacent colors like with the crystal to keep complexity manageable and to preserve my own hand, since the crystal doesn't have outlines. Because if I start like that, I could just as well use a line drawing tool for those straight lines, but I didn't want to. - I did use stabilization for the pen though. And I didn't rotate the piece... because, again, I'm coming back to digitizer after a long time and some things aren't routine anymore. I also made virtually no use of the undo function, because that would defy the purpose mentioned.

If I was doing this more often, I'd probably go increasingly freestyle with each piece.

I'm better with Pinkie Pie. No surprise, haha. This piece is a freestyle trace, too, but some people mistook it for a vector:…
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October 16, 2017
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