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There is no smart without heart
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Creatively active. Used to do plenty of caption pictures and animated GIFs. Tried to get into music creation, but that's mostly on hiatus. Some focus on video and picture editing, writing (puns, jokes, inspirational essays, song lyrics) and drawing, lately also more gaming-related entertainment, and trying to put the best of me into the creative work I can do with my limited means and skillset. The path I am taking is part of my artistic expression. Life is art.

I love playing with words and giving depth and meaning to things. My alias befits this, being full of potential. It is not only a combination pun of "owl" and "dolphin", but it also contains "do", "ow", "LP", "pH", "phi", "hi" and "in", so in Dowlphin there is action, pain, long play, chemical duality and balance, solution, water, the golden ratio, casual greetings, popularity and being embraced by and contained in something.

I'd be much more creatively active if my life wasn't missing some essential magical ingredients. (I am dealing with long-time depression/burnout. I come alive when things or people I interact with fill me with hope and when my creative drive doesn't bump into walls.)


Most of my caption pictures and animated GIFs (older stuff) can be found on my webspace:

Please ask me first if you want to use my art somewhere. (Unless it's a trivial case. Just crediting / source linking is fine for those.)

If you like my art, you can make me very happy by adding me to your deviantWATCH. Same goes for my YouTube channel and other web presences. Audience gives me the motivation to continue. Thanks!

You might even like to follow my commenting activity and such. Boring comments are a rarity with me. ... Anything else would not be pieous.

My favorite letter is p. "Why" you don't ask? ... Well, fun with a p is pun. And then there's pony, Pink(ie Pie), party, prank, parody, pretty, play, passion, peace, prosperity, power, portal, paint etc.. Enough said.

Thus my favorite colors are pink and yellow, because both begin with a p.

My favorite bird is the peewit a.k.a. pyewipe (lat. Vanellus vanellus).

My favorite word is "flummoxed". (With eponymous on second place ... for obvious reasons: my eponymous affinity.) I also like the word "humane". Again for quite obvious reasons.

Related personal motto: "The truth is in the punning."


YouTube (likely idle because Google sucks - 2fa required)

Essay blog (idle because WP suck - editor doesn't load anymore)

General blog

MLP blog


Discord: Dowlphin#5998 gaming livestream (every maybeday at dunno 'o clock) art livestream (currently inactive)

Tumblr (old stuff)

Cheezburger (old stuff)

Caption pic & AniGIF repository (old stuff)

Reddit (old stuff, redundant)

Favourite Visual Artist
DMT (and that cheap ripoff Alex Grey, hahaha. ... His name is Grey! How ironic is that?!)
Favourite Movies
MLPFiM's|The Fountain|Powder|Blueberry|Revolver|The Silent Flute|K-Pax|V for Vendetta|Enemy Mine|Robin Williams ones|The Iron Giant|The Last Unicorn|Flight of the Navigator|Scott Pilgrim|Short Circuit 1+2|The Matrix|Tron(1982)|Momo|The Neverending Story
Favourite TV Shows
MLPFiM,Steven Universe,Firefly,Avatar-TLA,Steins Gate,Rick&Morty,Venture Bros.,Boondocks,Babylon 5,Buffy,Angel,Breaking Bad,Stargate,My So-Called Life,Big Bang Theory,Scrubs,Afterlife,Kung Fu,STTNG,Enterprise,Profit,Brisco County jr.,Kozure Okami
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I more favor music than musicians, because my taste is very broad-spectrum, but can be picky ... (Chris Hülsbeck influenced me a lot early-on though)
Favourite Books
Settlers - The Mythology of the White Proletariat, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, long ago some Discworld and in my childhood a lot of Battletech
Favourite Games
Night in the Woods, The Stanley Parable, The Witcher 1+3, Fighting Is Magic (especially playing Pinkie Pie ^^), Terraria, Portal, probably some older ones I don't remember. (E.g. Full Throttle and Sam&Max Hit the Road are great.)
Favourite Gaming Platform
This side of the universe (the only one without an alternative) ... I think that made no sense, but never mind.
Tools of the Trade
Manga Studio, Paint Shop Pro 9, Yiynova MVP22U+ digitizer display, milk frappé, fruit punch, Panasonic FZ2000, DaVinci Resolve, X-Media Recode, Audacity, Ableton Live, M-Audio Oxygen 61


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commented on Salvation by

Sword, skeletons and darkness defining all of the self... and shackles!

But the compassionate embrace makes the shackles irrelevant, without even breaking them.

Love is transcendent, not destructive.


Maaaaaybe you shouldn't talk about Zen just yet. 😉

Zen Pinkie Pie
Wow, that's quite 'unfinished web design', I would say, in addition to the other point mentioned in my OP. And that after dA is under new management and supposed to get more care, AFAIR.
Only now did I find the link by searching in said Help Center for what I only know after learning about the Storage function:

It's like phony FAQ style where no one ever asked that question. But many would ask how to "hide" or "unpublish" a deviation, so the search would not yield that article.

It reminds me what a crucial difference it can have on my energy level to be interacting with someone in a meaningful way. - Quality over quantity - An audience of one can be quite powerful.

YES WE CANE - Spanish Christmas Edition

Either that or to make money or to not feel worthless or to gain control over others or to find allies or a mix of several of those or maybe some other reasons, but the motivator is always a mix of different ratios of love and fear.

Zen Pinkie Pie