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Polishing the Collection

With solid construction and frequent dusting and polishing, you too can have a well-maintained collection that you will be proud to show off to your guests.

From a suggestion by DarthRevan.

This was my 154th patron-sponsored work which I posted to my patrons on January 11th, 2018.

Thank you to all of my patrons for supporting my work!

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from the look on her face i can tell she feels sorry for them

or she doesnt give a heck

KRD2000's avatar
I love this maid dress❤
Hillary9skirt's avatar

Great expression on the left. Certainly trapped in her dress.

The detail that older work of you as pictures in the background is great
DiDark666's avatar
Love the huge chested one on the right
sean8968's avatar
Would love to have hair and breasts like the one on the right but her dress on the left is too cute
I love the girl on the left, especially her outfit Heart Love 
alpe92's avatar
can it be my with big tits
FromMisogynistToMaid's avatar
Ha, it's what they get for disobeying their mistress. I'd be happy to keep their containers squeaky clean for all the world to see.
rowrowyour's avatar
Your a cute maid.
FromMisogynistToMaid's avatar
rowrowyour's avatar
Your welcome I'll help if you like.
FromMisogynistToMaid's avatar
That would be nice but you don't have a made outfit.
rowrowyour's avatar
I could dress in one.  -I dress as a maid-
Sapphire7628's avatar
She want to help them. But if she do that. She will be punished..., i loves this kind of draws! :)
kaguya5-6's avatar
she would probably become part of the collection
I love the use of your other works in the pictures
xmarilix's avatar
They look great in those suits. I really like the costume of the beautiful maid   n////n  
Guest-1001's avatar
I'm not normally into artwork featuring inflatables but I love the way you feature it in your pictures. The sluttiness and helplessness of it is really appealing. :)
feliciaboots's avatar
This needs a story! Perhaps two friends and a girlfriend?
Devil621's avatar
LIke the photos in the background... hope they get fed daily.
You can see that our sissymaid sympathizes for the dolls in her Mistress' collection, But she also knows what will happen to her if they get out of their cases. 
A very well trained maid.
Mjbaxt's avatar
wtf I love museums now?
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