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Miss Cloud Strife: KiSS Doll

A KiSS doll of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII with a focus on his adventures in Wall Market. This doll features hairstyle materia, lots of cosplay, extensive animation, corsetting, bonus art, and mini-games!

USE THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON shown to the left of the preview image above.

This is an interactive doll in the KiSS file format. Doll in the KiSS file format require a KiSS viewing program to use. Don't unpack the LZH. KiSS viewing programs will load the doll directly from the LZH.

Use the "Download to Desktop" button to get the doll. You will need an FKiSS4-capable viewing program, such as [Direct KiSS], to play with this doll. You can download Direct KiSS from [this page]. Download Direct KiSS, install it, then run Direct KiSS and load MSCLOUD2.LZH into it.

Some information for those who are new to KiSS dolls and Direct KiSS:

- After loading a doll into Direct KiSS, you can use the little numbered buttons (they look like numbers with little hangers beside them) on the toolbar to change to different pages of the doll.
- KiSS dolls use a mouse-driven interface but it can be used in many different ways. Sometimes you drag-and-drop. Sometimes, you just click on a button. Sometimes you drag something and hold it in place until you're done with it. Try different things and see what you can discover.

- Many KiSS dolls use color palettes but some video cards do not support paletting correctly since it is so rarely used these days. If the colors look very wrong when you load a doll, try opening the Direct KiSS Options for Video and turning on "Force Palette Emulation", then close and restart Direct KiSS.
- Different video cards handle texel alignment differently. If the loaded doll seems to have some odd little distortions, try opening the Direct KiSS Options for Video and turning on "Use Texel Alignment Adjustment", then close and restart Direct KiSS.
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Cloud strife I need 😚
This game is amazing, loved it since it came out. I know it's old and the like, and there are better programs. But have you thought of updating it some? Being able to hide none 'equipped' clothing so you can take screenshots and the like? Not the logo, credit needed, just making it more 'wallpaper' friendly.
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and maybe add a cheat code to unlock everything sp i can just goof around with it. i have completed and bought everything mpre times than i care to remember after getting new computers and accidentaly deleting the game a few times 
what do i do to get it to run on widnows 8.1
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Is there an app available for kiss dolls on a tablet?
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This is really cool; been looking for this one for a while...
For anyone having trouble running this on Windows 8 and higher, installing DirectX 9 (doesn't interfere with newer DirectX) may fix your issues. Working fine on Windows 10 for me after doing that. 
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I've never tried it in Windows 8. Maybe try changing the compatibility mode.
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If you're trying to download this doll from this page, you have to use the download button on the right.
One of my favorite kiss dolls!
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i remember playing with this on my sister's old laptop... best doll ever~ :D
I love this it's so much fun! I recall a doll that was called Malcom would love to find that one.
2014, just found out about this recently, it's still pretty awesome. Wish there was more stuff like this.
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Help I can't see the download button
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Should be located on the right.
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I am proud to say that years later, I still bust out the old Direct KiSS player and load up your gorgeous Miss Cloud Strife doll, among the many others I amassed on a flash drive (which I definitely need to back up before I lose the files). Yours was obviously the most expansive and talented, but I can say honestly that there were so, so many artists and dolls that I absolutely adored and still do. <3

I came so close to making a KiSS doll of my own a few years ago, and I was so disappointed when I lost the coding and realized that my new laptop didn't support most of the CEL and LHA programs. :( Maybe at some point I can find a program that works and finally finish that doll, haha.
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He's about to look awfully cute ... ;)
Help I can't see the download button
Dov can you please make a part 3 of this game i beg you please
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