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Lace-Bound Bride

"With this ring, I thee... oh... um... okay, I didn't think this part out."

This was drawn for June's theme of "Brides".

This was my 351st patron-sponsored work which I posted to my patrons on June 11th, 2021.

Thank you to all of my patrons for supporting my work!

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I love wish I was the bride

SteamyThePunk's avatar

An intimate wedding. Very close friends, family, and strangers on the internet only.

sissie-marcie's avatar

i would love to be such a pretty and sexy sissy bride ! 💋🎀 ☮️ ❤️

feliciaboots's avatar

Well, I did have my wedding dress picked out... now I have to reconsider....

Devil621's avatar

Very nice details, the pattern on the dress is majestic.

oneself51's avatar

I don't like crossdressing but I have to admit that your arts are masterpieces. How I wish what you draw were pure and true ladies and damsels.

what a happy couple

I'm sure she'd slip the ring through the bride's nose! What an amazing wedding gown! You've thought of everything - built in gag, posture collar, armbinder, corset AND hobble skirt, plus all the gorgeous details and gauzy inserts. They'll have quite a wedding night even if the groom doesn't unwrap her! (Sigh. I wish I looked just like her when I got married; I always wanted my hair that color.)

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Your work it top notch,i always enjoy seeing your newest creations !

I wish you would use dominant muscular men with weak males that have been forced into womanhood in these scenarios. Your artwork in this piece is superb, especially the gigantic breastforms that were placed on his chest against his will

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I do draw that type of combination, just not in every picture.

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Bettina-64's avatar

Ich würde gerne diese "Riesen-Brüste" berühren und ... in diesem Outfit landen.

cadpigjr's avatar

I love the lacy details, they really make the outfit pop! well done ^__^

willcraft's avatar

I love the confetti in the background!

dannysuling's avatar

Gorgeous and creative. One of your very best.

This marriage needs to be consummated ASAP! Call me if you need help! :D

kellyin714's avatar

Sign me up to be a bride like that but I’d want to be with a dominate guy not this dom woman, but that’s me. Better yet, make me wear that or at least revealing slutty stuff and heels 24/7 LOL 🍌 👅

urobolus83's avatar

Amazing design on the wedding dress! See-through at all the right places, with an in-built armbinder (wow!!!)

FedralBI's avatar

This is AMAZING. Puts me in mind of the beautiful couple from your 'Bridlewear' pic, pulling the coach.

DottieFluffpuff's avatar

You always do wedding pieces that make me want to have that wedding and be the "bride".

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