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Everything Else
your lips
like the pillow I rest on
after a hard day of work
your fingers
embracing mine in a grip
like the ocean hugs the shore;
never ending
your breath on my ear
like the child who didn't know better
than to spill those precious words
your step upon my threshold
like a king entering his chambers,
ready to be throned
your eyes looking into mine
full of wonder
like the boy who has just been kissed
for the first time
my heart
never completely full
of your eyes, your breath,
lips, fingers, step
and everything else
never letting me forget
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 0
You take me
Where the air is thin
Before me
The strong wings begin
To flap and waft
A scent of powder
And blue dandelion's fluff
Surrounds my body
Still you take me
And now I see
The mountains below me
Little antholes
The tall intimidating
Now mere shrubbery,
You smile and fill
The sky with laughter
And find me
I submit
And I fall
And falling
I gain more
The wind picks up
And I find my nose
Filled with the scent
Of Heaven's wings
And you take me there
I find
I was not falling;
I was in your arms
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 1 6
you live your life underwater,
only coming up for air,
not even the occasional glance
in my direction
or Elsewhere
you live your life inside a tunnel,
only going east or west,
never finding new locations
north or south,
or Elsewhere
you live your life within an hour,
never stopping to take time
to look in my eyes or see my smile
as you pass me by
onto elsewhere
you live your life as a thin paper,
two-dimensional and flat,
not feeling the imprint of my ink
upon your heart
or Elsewhere
you open your eyes as a human being,
and see what you've been blind to,
not feeling a sense of familiarity
you wished would come
from Elsewhere.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 1 5
Pantoum - These Sides Of You
Stampedes of tears, of fears, of yelling faces,
Enclosed around me, leaving me no room
To think, to speak, to fit between the spaces
Of flinging insults and evading truth.
Enclosed around me, leaving me no room,
You mock and talk against me, charging cases
Of flinging insults and evading truth
Though all the while staring, making faces.
You mock and talk against me, charging cases
The judges look upon your face with doom
Though all the while staring, making faces
The bitterness inside you fully blooms
The judges look upon your face with doom
They shove important things in their briefcases
The bitterness inside you fully blooms,
Until your nose inhales its scent forsaken.
They shove important things in their briefcases,
Go on to walk away from your perfume,
Until your nose inhales its scent forsaken,
Then realization of your trust exhumed.
Go on to walk away from your perfume,
I find myself away from angry faces,
Then realization of your trust exhumed
Brings me to love this person reins
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 2
Ballade - Collide
The smell of peach and fireside cheer
Laid out in front of senses' eyes
Appear so far, and yet so near,
Between the blinks of life's demise;
Behind the tired blue of eyes,
You might have tried to taste the tears
Had lips been giv'n the blessÚd cries
To charm the everlasting years.
The voice of flattery appears,
To take you out and teach you lies
Which you yourself know once you hear,
Between the blinks of life's demise;
These are not times of trial in guise,
But times of hope, which hides from fear
Perfection in a cherished prize
To charm the everlasting years.
Colliding into blossom, clear
Upon the steps, hum lullabies
For it is time; the moon's white sphere
Between the blinks of life's demise
Will shine its face with sad goodbyes
And you will whisper, "Linger near"
For I will always be your sky;
To charm the everlasting years.
As fingers slip, your heart decries
Between the blinks of life's demise
And now we are all gathered here,
To charm the everlasting years.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 1 2
Waiting For A Sign
I sit here and wait for a sign
That you've changed your mind,
That you aren't going to see things anymore
From the view you've seen them
I sit here and wait for the time
To pass me by,
The time filled with wounds
Echoing back from the past.
I wait for the day
When you'll come to me and say
You feel the same, you understand
You find it hard to stay away
From me as well,
And you want to hold my hand.
I sit here with patience
As the days get older
And I get weaker
Summoning the sun
To rise and set once more,
I wait for you
To rise and set next to me.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 4
119 Ways
thoughts of this and that, and
119 ways to say I love you,
and crawling down your back
are those fingers you so dearly missed,
the times you stood and kissed
before the fire, or under the stars,
these thoughts are
the fabric of your smile,
your life and heart.
enjoined by such an echelon of desire
which has taken over you,
now turn and face
that which is the spring,
the inspiration for you.
This face holds for eternity
a warmth
which makes you think of home,
the smell of fresh bread,
oil paint on canvas.
But even more delicate,
so much so that you cannot bear
to gaze anymore
without touch,
without breath.
She smiles and sighs
as you take a lock of her hair round your finger
and whisper those extended words,
"I love you."
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 1 12
I build a facade of independence,
But my true heart seeps through the cracks.
Blurred vision, deafening cries.
I need you.
I am like a bird, flying away
Before you have a chance to touch me.
I am panic,
Concealing myself from you.
Can you see me?
Staring in the face of apathy
I drown in my own sorrow,
As I lay in my sin.
Suddenly, quietly, clarity visits,
Revealing true, soothing light.
It wraps me up and relaxes my hurt,
I feel a numbing, fluid sensation,
I find myself gasping for you,
Breathing you in, breathing me out.
Can I find you?
You seek me and caress me,
I fall into dreamless love and comfort.
You can see me, because I have found you.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 1 2
After Moonset
As you take off your spectacles,
you watch / as the moon blossoms like a flower,
filling the night with the light...
you need...
Only to set to your disappointment,
before he calls,
before you sleep.
The softness of your bed
feels like concrete / as you try to pick the lock
on the gates to your dreams.
Instead of falling
Your eyelids only jump faster
Pulling your mind to think of
Hastily fumbling
through eyelids
and tears / reaching
then catching yourself
before giving in...
Hastily fumbling,
he pries at the lock
you placed at the gates / between you
and catching the pins
getting in.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 2 6
Over and Under
Over and over
you pull at the skin
Over and over
you reach deeper within
Under and over
Over and under
Before the rising of the sun,
you follow me home.
A disease, and you
Like a filthy dog
panting at my feet,
Drooling and scratching
Over and over
here we go again
A little bit more
A little to the left,
and drink just one more sip,
before you curl up,
Under and over,
you follow me home.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 5
A staircase of light ascends
Up the hills,
Where industrialisation
Meets nature,
And artificial
Meets substance.
In the twilight, you
Think about the sun,
As the waxing gibbous above
Stares with its long face.
The sun and the stars
Must hold their own light,
But the moon, it holds none.
Believing in your own
As well as mine,
You begin to shine
Your timid light.
A two-dimensional person
Is what you were,
A reflection of a bottle
And rising smoke.
But as this light rises,
As it penetrates the air,
The smoke clears, and
I see your face for the first time.
Belonging to no one,
You are finally yourself,
Ready to share truths and time.
As you believe in me,
I start to wonder
Why this light is having
Such effect on me.
I begin to glow, not with yours,
But mine, and as it grows,
You smile, knowing soon
We will be one.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 2 2
Heart Shaped Hands
heart shaped hands
and slamming doors
remember the rest
inside your mind,
for when you run
along this road,
you go to where
the blind men weep
before the bridge,
you sigh and stop,
breathing heavily,
catch your breath
you cannot cringe
away from fire
or tempt the doves
to share in sleep
among the corpses
of faded memories
and through the ruins
of crimes long ago,
you dwell and linger,
biting your nails
and fighting against
the urge to join them.
they whine and crow
as you bend your ear
to listen to their fallacies
and buy into their fears
but before you let them
take your head away,
remember the heart
and the hands that held you.
they will be there
when you are dust,
and they will care
for your blistered remains,
for when you give up
this dance with death
you invite a new dancer
to give you life.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 4 8
untitled -1
strange how we look the same
after years of the same,
you'd think the difference would be
held in solitude to see
but when I laughed,
you looked at me,
empty eyes inside your face,
your smile only a whisper.
take hold of my hand, love,
and you will see
behind these walls
are the juices of life
before you drink, though,
please be sure
you will not sever
our blessed curse
for once i leave,
you shall leave, too,
behind me as one,
and follow the stars.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 9
Before I Cry
Before I cry good night,
You whisper in my ear,
Those awful dreaded words
I never wanted to hear
Before I lie awake,
You blindfold me with passion,
Making me ugly before you
Finish your loathsome actions
Before I find my eyes,
You take away my ears,
And all that is left behind
Are these final awful tears
Before I let you take,
You steal without permission,
But not enough to make
Me let you take my vision
Before I fly away home,
You'll find me here in solace,
While you might taste the fire
Of God's prevailing justice.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 15
freedom of flesh
transcending the depths
of living and dead.
fluid like water
finding no other
to match its power.
exits the scene
between you and me
as we gaze into eyes uninhibited.
like the flame we hold
in a pool of blood
runs out and away wildly.
to start over
to go back
and replenish the source of
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 2 2
Did You Feel That?
Did you feel that?
As my heart began to break -
Like a mighty earthquake -
With a magnitude so great -
Did you hear that?
As my world began to tear -
With a screeching sound -
So deafening to my ears -
Did you see that?
As my body began to collapse -
With weakness, wrought and wracked -
With pain it could not hack -
Did you care that
I was all alone -
Tears were streaming down -
Out of my control -
You did not feel,
You did not hear,
You did not see,
You did not care,
But I have found
Someone who does,
And he loves me
With purity and kindess, from above.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 0 1


Burn the Effigy
Sweeter notes that can call
Sweeter hands that vapidly fall
Sweeter tones that I can only hear
Sweeter Visions that marry with my fear
Wish that maybes did not last
As long as the wishes do
Dreams burn wicked and hurt for they are fast
Truth is wary and afraid and too new
Years have been wasted in me
For I have gone too long unwashed
Too long unwished
Too long untouched
Too long that I have found this manic moment
I have treasured turmoil
I have called calamity cordial
I have slept sultry sexuality away
I have dreamt times when dreams cease
I have felt feelings farther themselves away
I have been here so long I do my images to burn my own effigy
I am ready to burn my effigy for it is not my Self.
:iconscathach:Scathach 1 6
In Love
My heart aches when I look at you,
Knowing this love could never be.
Yet through the pain I see it's true,
You have become a part of me.
I close my eyes and you are there,
I hear your voice inside my mind.
It breaks my heart but I don't care,
You gave me what I could not find.
You are the reason I'm alive,
Nothing can hurt me anymore,
If this is love I will survive,
For you, the one who I adore.
I only want to be with you,
And hear you say "I love you too".
:iconunheard-voice:unheard-voice 23 70
They say the words you want to hear,
And though you know the truth inside,
With whispered lies to soothe your fear,
The truth seems easier to hide.
They show you what you want to see,
And blindly you believe it's true,
Not seeing it could never be,
Until they end up hurting you.
Professing love they do not feel,
You never see until the end,
None of their words were ever real,
But lies on which they still depend.
Now as the pain opens your eyes,
At last you see through their disguise.
:iconunheard-voice:unheard-voice 6 19



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