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Yeah so I made a new account for those who still give a damn about me and my art
My art isn't as bad anymore and I'm just gonna use this new account from now on…
Enjoy your stay or whatever :>
Heeeey anyone that is still interested in talking to me or any shit like that-
Which is very unlikely since I haven't been on in months.
I'm wanting to sort of...abandon this account. :v
Mainly because I'm too lazy to go through and delete my old terrible artwork, and I really hate my name and I'd rather start anew then go through the trouble of trying to get a Core membership just to change my name and having to skip down the haunting memory lane that consists of my old art from when I was 15, even though that was a year ago.
I dunno, I might comment on my profile the new account or something. Either on the account or just linking it with this one.

See ya, my dudes.

Have Rohan licking a spider.
So a lot of things have happened in the past month

- My sister had a baby La la la la 
- I saw my friend again after months of broken contact :happybounce: 
- I went to Comic Con CURSE YOU! 
- I might get to see Nik in person this summer Heart 
- (the most important of all) I've really gotten into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Love
I've fallen in love with Kakyoin too
Although he doesn't compare to what I feel towards Mephisto~

Speaking of Mephisto

I'm working on trying to draw pics of genderbent Mephisto so I might actually post something again

That's about it~
:bademoticon: RERORERORERO :rerorerorero: Rero rero rero rero rero
Oh boy! 63 new notifications! Hopefully some of them are some comments on my things or at least a couple of favorites!

*checks notifications*

*all just notifications from groups and other Deviants*'s been so long since I've even gotten a favorite on my art. ;^;
Why has this happened to me? Yato Teary Icon 

One day I'll get comments and favorites on my art again, right? RIGHT?! f2u YATO ICON Kid WTF Icon

My profile is doomed. It's end is gonna come. I know it. Nobody likes me or my art. ;-; Soul Eater - Crona Crying

Oh well, then....
*Curls up into a ball and cries in a corner because I can't draw Mephisto*
I feel bad because I didn't draw anything for Christmas. Bored 
Oh well.
Well then, merry Christmas everyone.
Hope you had a wonderful time. Heart 
I'm just happy that I got my Mephisto body pillow, finally. Love :happybounce: 
I also got some Death the Kid rings from my boyfriend, too. Heart 
So today was great. I am a dummy! 
Hope everyone else enjoyed today as well. Meow :3 
Maybe I'll just draw Ameemon with a Christmas tree spike'll be late, but I don't care. 
Merry Christmas! [APH Icon] - Santa Finland [Free use] 
I never thought it would happen. 
I thought, "It's okay. I'll just finish up Axis Powers and see if it's still worth watching. No harm can come from it."
Now I'm fuckin obsessed.
Making Hetalia quotes.
Putting "Hon hon hon" instead of "Ha ha ha".
It's happened. I can feel it.
The fandom is sucking away my soul.
Already I'm getting into the ships. 
I can't decide if I like GerIta or FrUk better.
I fear that it is too late to save myself.
I'm being dragged into the depths of the Hetalia fandom and there is no way up.
Goodbye, cruel world. Nevermore shall I see the light of day, for I shall be in the cold depths of my room, binge watching Hetalia, surfing the interwebs for Hetalia-related memes, and arguing over what ship is best.
And never again shall I think of history the same when I sit in school.
My soul is now corrupted with Hetalia.
Goodbye, social interaction. Goodbye, my image to my friends and family. Goodbye, my dignity. [APH Icon] - Rumour has it you'll die really soon. 
I'm pissed.
Mephisto is mine.
Yes, I am that kind of crazy obsessive dipshit.
But I'm also that crazy obsessive dipshit that gets really pissed off when I see someone else who loves my Mephisto.
He's my husband, and I won't allow any others to have him.

Goddamn it, one goddamn post throws off my whole mood. I hate myself.

Why does he have to be so perfect that it sparks my greedy nature?! *Sobs*
But still...maybe I should just give up...he has too many fangirls for me to handle...
...but I'm still gonna get pissed off, either way, seeing someone else who likes him... *sighs*
I need sleep...
I need Mephisto....
*Sighs and turns in for the night*