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New OC - Yakumo the Spider Demon by DovahkiinRuvaak New OC - Yakumo the Spider Demon by DovahkiinRuvaak
Welp, kinda proud of this dude. One of my few OCs that aren't made for a fanfic and his story is actually something serious and not just a bunch of helium-filled giggles.
Honestly the name Yakumo isn't really set in stone yet. I'm not really sure if I want that to be his name...
Anyways, his story;

He lives alone in a cottage, secluded in the middle of the woods, and just weaves silk. He's always very lonely, as he's immortal and lives by himself. So, whenever children happen to wander too close to his cottage, he kidnaps and raises them as his own. But, of course, as all things to, they eventually grow old and die. (or run away)
He'd love to have children of his own to live out an immortal life with him, but it was foretold that his lover would eventually kill him. Therefore, he's afraid of women and avoids anyone romantically.
So thus, he's left to just sit in his cottage alone forever, since humans fear him and he doesn't want to be seen by them.

Kinda boring, I suppose. Anywho, since it's only his face, the rest of him is really thin, lanky, and bony. He's also pale as hell. His whole cottage is just draped in random silk curtains and drapes and just has piles of silk everywhere, too. And spiders live in many crevices of his house.
He's actually a really nice and quiet guy. Just lonely and depressed as hell...
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February 16, 2017
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