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The Hounds of Tindalos

By douzen
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rachaelm5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is definitely among the best of the Tindalosi.  I especially like the face.  

...And you've used traditional mediums!  How glorious!  
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CapnDeek373Professional General Artist
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Best dog ever! Lol
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This is my favorite fan art of the Hounds I've seen so far, and I've seen quite a bit of Cthulhu Mythos fan art. I think you captured the "dogs in name and habit only" aspect of the creature very well, and I also liked how you incorporated all those sharp angles into the background. I have two nitpicks, however: they are supposed to have long, hollow tongues/proboscises (I guess they drain bodily fluids through that triangular mouth in their tails in this version), and they excrete a blue pus/ichor (this version looks kinda dry).

All in all, awesome rendition.
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very nice work 
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dlambeautHobbyist General Artist
Great depiction of a Hound! Original concept! Why do everybody draw the as dogs? They are not!
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One of the first Call of Cthulhu adventures I ever read involved silent film star Theda Bara and a hound of Tindalos. It was in a White Dwarf Magazine. You've done a far better job of evoking the horror of the monster than the artist for that adventure ever did.
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ViridRainProfessional Digital Artist
Oh I love the claw paws design !
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PedigriHobbyist General Artist
Creative design. Skin texture, muscles looks great. The vibrant blue colour pleasantly contrasts with the dull, grayish background.
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Brian-OConnellHobbyist General Artist
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GrandChefPandaHobbyist Digital Artist
Great interpretation of the Hounds of Tindalos
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