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I would totally do that

Lovecraftian Fish Person or not, I’d STILL date her!

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I'm imaging Norah Everhart from Call Of The Sea to look something like this in the Accept Your Fate ending.

She'd still look attractive, even if in an exotic and alien manner.

I'd like to imagine Norah, although no longer Human, to finally be her true self.

Not just as a Deep One, but as a beautiful, loving, and kind-hearted person.

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oh my, you are a beautiful creature... iv found my new background

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Hello! I loved your concept! Can I do a 3d art inspired on it to put on my portfolio? I will credit you!

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deep one? More like balls-deep one

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Sexy and eerie sea girl.
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You know, Red of "Overly Sarcastic Productions" released a video for this year's (2018) Halloween discussing Lovecraft's work, and when she went over "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", she said "I can't help but feel like this story would be written very differently in today's culture of hot fish people."  Guess she was right.
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aaaand now I know why I wish there was a nuke dropped on Tokyo.
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it would make life in Innsmouth a wee bit more palatable 
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Is it okay if I use this as the cover for a story?
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This one's actually pretty.
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Awesome Work here ! :wow:
Well call me "Captain Obed Marsh"....
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talk about sexual dimorphism
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may i use this in my video I'll be sure to give you credit :) (Smile)
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well nows a good time as any to join the esoteric order of dagon
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She'd kill me if I tried to befriend her wouldn't she? 

Great art mate :)
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Depends. Many depictions of mer-creatures show them to possess powerful instincts. If someone approaches them with hostile intent, that someone always ends up fish-food.
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If only this was how I visioned them in the story......Well the females any way.....
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This is a great "Cthylla" design in my opinion. The whole tentacle hair thing and that face are WONDERFUL!
i think i will go to Innsmouth who is with me?!
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