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miguel/julia idea

based on the idea that Miguel was injured after his fall in tekken 6 (so he would need to put his trust in someone else).
and i slightly redesigned Julia, inspired by youtube fashion/craft channel tiffyquake [link]

here is a mini fan fic to go with it!

He slammed in the the pavement; he had been so close. The Mishima Zaibatsu, the man who killed his family; Jin Kazama, it all just slipped away. Would he ever get a chance again? his mind was racked with anger and frustration, he screamed, crying out to god or who ever could answer his prayer for vengeance.

A single bullet rippled through the air, hitting him in the back; a clean shot if there ever was one. many months later he would learn who nearly killed him, but right now all that mattered was the beauty who came to his rescue.

Julia had been on the trail of Nina Williams; the world famous personal assistant of Kazuya Mishima, but the sight of the dying man caused her to change her plans. After all, maybe he would have information that would prove helpful to her cause.

The hit was so clean it did not leave blood on the ground, it was a "poison dart" of sorts, meant to release a toxin that would destroy nerve tissue then make it's way to the brain. Luckily Julia had encountered these before.

Miguel awoke (in what looked like an abandoned church), to a searing pain coursing through his back.

"I cut the bullet out." said a soft female voice.

He tied to sit up but felt too dizzy and felt back on the hard mattress. "rest, you have a slight fever." she said. He tried to swallow but his throat was painfully sore, but he spoke anyway.
"who are you?"

"Julia Chang" she said confidently. The name meant something, even to Miguel; she was famous in the Tekken tournament as the 'pro-wrestling environmentalist.' "and you are Miguel Rojo". She placed her hands on his chest as he lay back down, then applied a cooling compress of medicinal herbs. He could feel his breath stabilizing.

How long has he been there? Why was she so willing to help him? He would find the answers in the most unexpected places. he closed his eyes and slipped in to a deep sleep.

"brother?" her voice was unmistakable.

"am i gone?" he asked, as he tried to reach out.

"no, it is not your time; you are destined for great things" the ghost kissed his forehead, "you just need to learn to trust people- and you will find great allies."

He opened his eyes, it was evening, the church was lit with torches and candles. Julia came back in the room. "you're awake" she smiled. "i went shopping."

"you went shopping?"

"yeah, don't worry you're safe here." she casually assured him as she opened her bag, "i bought you new clothing- something less conspicuous... well kind of.." she added as she pulled out an orange shirt, green pants and boxers that said 'luchador' for some reason.

Seeing how sorry she looked, he wanted to be nice; as an act of friendship and trust he started to change in to the new clothes as he walked outside. "so where do we go from here?" he asked.

The night air, lightly foggy, ripped with energy; because with this team, anything was possible.

part 2
part 3

part 4 [link]
part 5 [link]
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Wonderful and lovely history!! :love:
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OMG that's Awesome :wow:
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thanks so much :woohoo: