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We like to think that our photography is based on pure creativity and that the technical side is related to just mastering the camera and the basics of composition. But photography, like painting and sculpture, has a firm basis in math.

Composition is based on math (rule of thirds being an example) as is perspective but we also, mostly unknowingly, use basic math – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

The following examples are drawn from my photos as I know the thought processes behind them.


An example would be when we see a scene that is pleasing to the eye. But an element is missing to make it a stronger photo. So we can either wait for that element to arrive or move position.

Surfer by ActiveShooter Coming Soon by ActiveShooter


This photo was actually taken in a hall full of hundreds of people. They were a distraction so I changed my position to aim towards the only empty part of the hall, though there were still people walking past. I timed the shot just as one person had left the frame and before another arrived. Fortunately the woman was busying texting so I had about 10 seconds, an eternity in street photography!

I subtracted using two methods – time and space.

Psalm 22 by ActiveShooter


 All mimics are based on this, though they usual only have two elements. Occasionally we can get three or more elements such as these groups sharing meals (though I’ve stretched that definition to include the young couple eating each others faces :)

Lunch by ActiveShooter Brothers by ActiveShooter


When done well this can be like two separate photos combined together. It looks stronger if the elements are disparate.

Untitled by ActiveShooter The Other Side by ActiveShooter

Show us examples of your photos using basic math! :)

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If you're in Berlin (Germany) or Pilsen (Czech Republic) this would be worth a look!

A presentation of 48 historical Maori portraits by the late 19th-century painter Gottfried Lindauer and associated photographs is being held in Berlin, Germany. The presentation, Gottfried Lindauer: The Maori Portraits at the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) is from the collections of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The Nationalgalerie (National Gallery), part of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin), is presenting the exhibition focused on Lindauer’s portraits at the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) until Sunday 12 April 2015. The portraits will then travel on from Berlin to Lindauer’s birthplace of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, the European Capital of Culture 2015, for another exhibition from May until July at the Zapadoceska galerie v Plzni (Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen).…
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Note - these aren't photos of me or by me but a feature of photos from:
Photos copyright Angelo Merendino

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Worldwide Photographer's Rights 1

In conjunction with my dA friends I have compiled a booklet of advice and information on  laws in relation to street photography around the world.
I first intended this to be a journal, but it kept growing and will grow further with your help :D

Download here:

If you have relevant info on countries not listed or have noticed errors, then please leave a short and concise note to me here.
Please try to include a link to a reputable webpage for confirmation.
This may be added to this booklet in a future edition.
I have created a folder where future editions will go…

Thanks to:

:iconmarx77:  :icontoolbazar: :iconmyraincheck: :iconafricanobserver: :iconamiejo: :icona-teinna:
:iconarslanalp: :iconearth-hart: :iconakronadorer: :iconikarisou: :icontruerebellion: :iconnunocanha:

Please fave this journal and submit it to groups so it reaches more people.

Love photojournalism? Join :iconthecorrespondent:
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Recently :iconnunocanha: asked the question:
"What are some good PJ groups on dA?"
There are some, but interestingly most are either inactive or the PJ content is also mixed in with Street Photography.
I couldn't find a good PJ only group.
What to do?
Start a new group!
So with my good friend, the genuis :iconmarx77:

founder of :iconthestreetfactor: :iconearth-scriptures: :iconportrait-parables:

we have just founded:


I'm sure you'll agree Khuram has done an astounding job on the avatar and "group shield" though we are still waiting to hear back from several dA members regarding permission to use their photos in the shield.
I also roped in my brother Pete :iconmangawhio: who does some great articles on his website

So if you have an interest in photojournalism please come and join us - we are looking for high quality work and will regularly feaure member interviews and journals.

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