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Brad E at WMU



No one that I have ever photographed has looked any better in a plain and simple white T-shirt that this guy, Brad E. It was shot for Mike Lyon's who runs the Lyon's Group in NYC and he mostly books guys for body shot and for magazines like Men's Fitness and Men's Life, et al. I love the moment of physical 'grace' in the male body and I have shoot rolls and rolls of film and spent hours trying to get a certain 'moment' to happen. I don't think this is a great photo, but I do love the way the shirt looks against his body and the pose--I never really got to know Brad particular well, and we shot together for a relatively short time; he was the strong silent type and emphasis the word silent. But the feeling came through to me that he had had a pretty tough life and that he had been through a lot in the years leading up to my shoot with him.
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I feel like this shot conveys that narrative you just made up for him. I get the same impression from this image. Sad - strong. Really touching photo.