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As one of the original artists for Magic: The Gathering, I've has a long-lasting relationship with the most popular card game ever.  2013 is the game's 20th anniversary, and more than 30 of the original artists have come together to celebrate that relationship with a book of art featuring updates to many of our most popular pieces.

The cool thing is, the Kickstarter is proving to be very popular!  It seems us original artists are still part of the legend.

Here's the Kickstarter for those that might be curious;…
I've been back from the Chicago Comic Con for a few days now and am still reeling with the results.  I made a number of great new contacts and will have some *official* comic work coming up shortly.  It's time to get the snowball rolling!
I've been confirmed as a guest at Chicago ComicCon!  I don't know what sort of setup might be present, but please stop by if you're in the area. :)…

I don't normally Journal about stuff, but this is too exciting for me to resist!  DAZ 3D has written an article about my works (since I usually start with 3D models by them).  Please feel free to check it out at the following link;…?