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Cyber Eyes II



Eyes are a point of fascination to me. I'm a huge fan of Shadowrun (the pen & paper role playing game). In this game, you can enhance your eyes, or even replace them completely with artificial, digital eyes. These can magnify, record, see infrared... they're awesome.

I think to manipulate the mirror of the soul in such a profound way is part perversion and part transcendence. If we are not completely human anymore, have we not remade ourselves in our own image?


This one, I like. Actually, now's the time to confess that Cyber Eyes I [link] was but a test drive.

It's like this ... I've wandered the libraries today, one of my favourite past times, when I saw the cover of The Host. This book as a silver ring inside an eye for a cover. The sunlight was reflecting off of it and I was intrigued and immediately thought cyber eyes. I wanted to duplicate the effect, and this is it.

I've used GIMP with its basic plugins and InkScape for this.

Stock used: Sora's Eye Stock [link]
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Yeah, I was going to say it reminded me of The Host front cover. But instead of remaking ourselves it's about aliens - or 'souls' - invading Earth and taking over. It's a good book :D