Stream of Consciousnes 3

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                                                    THE KID by EmmanuelVASSAL

                                 Unnatural natural landscape by janhein

                             Lost lines by zardo


                          Iceland - Navy Plane Wreck by LinsenSchuss


                      In the desert by PhotoartBK

                              Enter Spring by Nelleke

                             idil by arslanalp

                                       their happy moments 4 by MihaEla-Cojocariu

                          A Good Laugh by sandas04


                               Consolation by Kaslito

                     Long southern road by DoWnHIller


                          Lamp by IrynaFedorovska

                              chinese girl by du-la

                         amongst the birds by awjay

                               ALMOST SUNSET by MAUROASSOCIATI


                             XXXX by Kibela    XXXVIII by Kibela

                     On Hold by Poromaa

                           make a move by InSUNNYty

                      Sun ray under Bentayga by Kaslito

                            The-Family by vinayan

                       Corvette Sunday III by vw1956

                            Iliusha by ChristinaMandy

                     f e e l i n g d o w n by bad95killer

                  i can cut deeper than your beauty by chriseastmids





                                                                                     Happy Valentine's Day !          

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Thank you kindly - and I must say
the same for yours :)
sistersinnister's avatar
Thank you very much!!!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
the pleasure is mine. :)
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
Dear Douglas, I am really very sorry for my late response to your very kind approach to include me into your beautiful collection. Please show me that you forgive me and alk to me again. Have a nice day
DouglasHumphries's avatar
You're too sensitive my friend :hug: - but all is forgiven ! :lol: - thanks for your excellent photo of our gorgeous Canan ! 
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
I owe many things to her when I am trying to photograph her :nod:
DouglasHumphries's avatar
you are each others best photographers ! :)
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
we are really know each others very well. She is an incredible person.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
ha ! - you don't have to convince me --- I just wish for the day 
when I can be on the same terra -firma with her & you ! :) 
Would be nice to walk around Istanbul ! ( You live in Konya - right :?
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
Yes ı am living in Konya :nod:
 If you come to Turkey and if you want to meet me also ı will come to Istanbul. In the other hand (if you convince her) you can take Canan with you if you want to visit me in the little town that I am living in. It's on the top of the Taurus mountains...
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Is there a big sign there - 'Birthplace of Canan' 
-or at least a statue ? 
hmmm - isn't Canan a Taurus ??
Of course if i can ever get to Turkey - it would be a great pleasure to meet you ! 
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Great collection!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
thank you Barabara ! :)
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thank you for featuring me :) sweet collection :)
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Natalia --you know I love your bottles and Morandi - they fit right in - and need more attention ! :)
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awesome. love finding new stuff in your collections. thanks!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
thank you Daniel ! :)
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Wonderful selection! Thank you for featuring my work :D
DouglasHumphries's avatar
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great feature! :clap:
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Much to look at - laughing is the highest degree of consciosness :D (Big Grin) 
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