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                          The Scream by slatkatajna   pyramidal by EintoeRn

                          Mineral by rdalpes   1040 by Mords

                         Perrillo by CRANEOX

                           duru2 by cllozdemir   Hands of the Blues by gloubi


                         Rue Desaix by SUDOR

                         sister by momentoes    smoking guy by nicolehinrichs

                        sensible3 by cahilus   a meal by incolorwetrust

                        grateful by MustafaDedeogLu

                           Dzenis by PHaarhus

                           Seventies - 821 by SUDOR     Beautiful boy by myownself    painter by kabardey

                                           got a problem... by VaggelisFragiadakis

                           #3 Granny by LynnsMind

                                Ready for the bright lights.. by Yaksss

                         Rest by niklin1


                                     aghni by ef5

                            James II by TrixyPixie

                            c u T T h r o a t by bitterev    Bauer in Sichuan by MehrErnst

                                    18.12 18:12 by sabas2011

                              Whispered Secrets by Wrightam

                              Daily Life by SUDOR

                             Is this love? by hosagu

                             Travelling by fholger     Just Is by Anj3lla

                             lady on bus by PhilJanssen

                            Street Talk by vodj

                            365DAYSPROJECT 282 by LucienWittwer

                                    Childhood by dukeofspade

                                   Bad education by SUDOR

                                   The Playful Daddy by oToupeira

                                   Barcelona Street III by ChristophTrabert



                                  JG141 by jesseboy000

                                  passenger by arslanalp

                                  streets of Pest by slownumbers     good habits by m-lucia

                                 Untitled by felixlu

                                Trackers by El-Amigo-Chico

                                Instant 916 by SUDOR

                                Instant 3478 by SUDOR     Daniel And The Pigeons by ukapala

                                  In the Street by sandas04

                                  Paris 12 by darkosaric

                                     father to son by veftenie



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oToupeira's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
you are most welcome ! :)
LucienWittwer's avatar
Incredible gallery, thank you very much :D
DouglasHumphries's avatar
thank you - my pleasure :) 
DaniRDA's avatar
Amazing feature! Clap 
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Anj3lla's avatar
Great selections, thank you for the feature. :hug:
dukeofspade's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:

DouglasHumphries's avatar
Wrightam's avatar
Wow, loads of new favs / watches here ! And thank you :) 
hosagu's avatar
A fantastic feature! Really :love: A great choice of wonderful photographies, and i'm genuinely honored to be among them. Thank you so much :heart:
DouglasHumphries's avatar
my pleasure indeed ! :)
Ragnar949's avatar
Nice selection.

I see you added that picture of Donald Trump angry at the press up on top.;) (Wink) 
DouglasHumphries's avatar
aww - he's easy to spot :) 
El-Amigo-Chico's avatar
A beautiful collection !

Thanks for featuring " Trackers " !
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thank You - and my pleasure - great shot ! 
jesseboy000's avatar
What an excellent feature, a true honor and pleasure to be amongst these all :clap: great selections!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
jennystokes's avatar them all.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
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