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                                                Beehive by dick-allowatt
                                        Fraumerz 218g by woefoep IMerz by woefoep
                                                             THE RAVEN BY POE by karo-design

                                               Metalhead by dick-allowatt

                                         Guardian by dick-allowatt

                                        Just the tip of the iceberg by hogret
                                    the frontier-drawing machine by mbym


                                                 village 6 by woefoep

                                                hunting fish / la chasse aux poissons by stringraphy


                                   Processes by RichardLeach


                                       The Vital Body by DivineIguana



                                        Modern Relaxed by RichardLeach     Orange Box 2 by jsonjwhite

                                              H122 by KUBA-KLIP

                                    YESTERDAY by commonObject

                                          I Remember Nothing part 1 of 8 by workweak

                                                      Many a man has learned... by derkert

                                          The spanish inquisition..... by derkert


                                           Hanging out by derkert
                                                     learning how to fly by derkert

                                          The dinner party by derkert

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rustymermaid's avatar
Awesome selection. I love collage.Although i'm not sure why it is not very popular on DA.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thank you Barbara ! :hug: 
rustymermaid's avatar
Most welcome.All the best for 2015.
hogret's avatar
Fabulous collection - you have such a good eye!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
thank you so much Margaret ! :)
EvaPolly's avatar
I have no idea.. personally, I find it fascinating..
aerendial's avatar
on dA popular it could be a lot of things,, but those popular things are for the kids!! :giggle: and DADA is not for everyone even it come as a word connected to a toy that kids love!!! :rofl:

perfect selection with great artist!!!. :clap:
DouglasHumphries's avatar
~ much appreciated :) !
Andaelentari's avatar
beautiful! :clap:
I suspect one reason collages aren't given more attention is the same reason photomanips can be derided; they're not seen as 'difficult' because you're putting together images and not painting or drawing by hand.  dA Is really centered on digital painting, pretty much.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thank You !  :)
~ It's true - collages may be seen as such ( not difficult ) - but , of course 
a good collage is often deceptively simple - requires a certain perception of 
subtitles that maybe the average viewer does not register .   
Andaelentari's avatar
It's like people saying photography is 'easy' because they think taking the photo is the hardest part lol. 
I like the minimalist collages the best, they are just more concise and to the point I suppose :la:
redmatilda's avatar
An interesting collection of artworks and an interesting discussion, Doug. I think your journals are about the only ones I occasionally contribute to! I've always liked collage, including creating it (some of my early dA works were collage). It takes a certain eye and type of mind to assemble something meaningful from 'bits and pieces' - collage needn't be two-dimensional, of course. Re. dA, given I've collected thousands of favourites over the years I've been here, I'd have to say that I've never had difficulty finding wonderful work of so many different types - and don't really have a problem with all the stuff I don't like - each to their own, I guess, and the value of a site like this is that people can post 'early', 'naive', works and learn as they go, without having to feel embarrassed that their work might not be 'good enough'. I know I've learnt so much from others here, and continue to do so, and I know of nowhere else that this could be possible. The website itself is also the most sophisticated and easily used that I've ever come across, and that's saying something. I have fairly niche taste in most aspects of life, and I find dA to be just the same as anything/anywhere else e.g. I loathe most forms of popular music and always have done, so I search out what I do like and have no difficulty doing so. The same applies to movies/television/books - I must admit to feeling somewhat frustrated at times at having such niche taste, and often feel alienated by mainstream culture here in Australia, but even so, still manage okay, and dA is just a little slice of the (mainly) western world, so I expect not to like the majority of stuff that's posted. I can still appreciate the effort that people go to in many cases to try to do 'better'. It's fascinating looking through entire galleries and  in so many instance seeing the progression - seeing when someone at last reaches a point where they've finally found their forte.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
I certainly appreciate your contribution to this subject Inge ! :hug: 
~ I agree with everything you say  - very 
perceptive and well stated. 
 ~ It's certainly does take a certain mind and eye to 
'get' what collages can offer . You see it - or you don't - 
And many don't - not a judgement - just a fact. 
 ~ Yes - it does take a certain effort to find things 
one can relate to here - and they often do not lie in the open.
DA reflects the world in that way - lots of choices to clutter up one's pursuit of
what they consider valuable  --  but I think DA 
is still a great place to connect with good work - basically just find work you like -
and look at their favs or similar work (  one avenue ) 
- eventually you can refine it down to what floats your boat :) 
 ~ I like the layout and the way it functions - haven't found another site that even
comes close . And , yes - the opportunity is here to be inspired and it 'helps' 
keep one on the moving forward ( or at least that is my feeling ) 
redmatilda's avatar
Thanks so much for your reply - greatly appreciated, and it reminds me of another reason I like dA - one can easily ignore people who tend to be negative (although I don't often come across such people) and readily find those who one can feel affinity with i.e. dA always feels like a friendly place to be - even the little icons are so nice - it's relaxing to be here, and I haven't found any other website anywhere near as good in this respect. The communication methods are so well organised too, which makes it easy to take up 'conversations' whenever I feel like it, and not get 'lost' in clutter (which is one of the things I find happens on Facebook, for example).
DouglasHumphries's avatar
~ yes - I avoid Facebook - except to keep connected to my sons - who have forgotten 
what a phone or email is :lol: -- they only speak through the officially sanctioned 
avenue for youth :( ----- and you are right - DA is quite a nice place if you use it well .
 Happy Holidays to you and yours Inge ! :iconchristmastreeplz: :) 
redmatilda's avatar
What about Skype - do your sons use that to talk to you? That's 'cool' too :D I hope you have a great mid-winter holiday too :hug: 
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Nope - not even sure if they have Skype :lol: 
~ they live on Facebook :(
redmatilda's avatar
MarcCopeland's avatar
Thanks for continuing to expand my "universe" of objets d'art.  I always enjoy your features.   :iconbowplz:
DouglasHumphries's avatar
very much appreciated Marc ! 
hummbuzz's avatar
The imagination is a wonderful thing, and I think that the art of collage portrays its random nature and surreality more than most.
You have gathered together a wonderful collection of distinctly varied styles here, Doug. It's really a delight, (dA popularity notwithstanding).
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thank you Yvette ! -- I think - I've just accepted - that appreciating collages generally
appeals to certain people , and they are in the minority .  - Though , like many things - one can 'acquire' a taste for them - however
-  I think one almost has to be naturally' wired'  in a certain way psychologically way 
to connect with this mode of communication .  I was fascinated when I first saw Max Ernst's collages - they just grabbed me .
 I don't suppose they would grab most people in quite the same way .  :lol:  
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