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                                    untitled by somavenus

                                pas de deux by mbym

                                     Sin Co, Below by DroopingSanityFences

                                   mind control tactics by Pierrots-Frown   

                                   reflected by sozialfuzzi

                                               you fly me by b-polar


                                               Back to Nature by F-For-Fake

                                    45 by nervous-b     collage s63 by woefoep
                                              DuoMerz 08022 by woefoep



                                              Surveillance society by noddycar

                                                       Civil Engineering by live-by-evil


                                           Burn-Out...assemblage by hummbuzz

                                           Wild Women of the Wood...assemblage by hummbuzz

                                           box a by woefoep

                                           Assemblage: Framing 4 by bugatha1

                                                      My Fuel Engine Heart by Izaaaaa

                                        Pemi by ebbing-gale


                                     Sympathy For The Mannequin ( updated ) by DouglasHumphries

                                     Dreambox - version 2 by DouglasHumphries

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NIce works all around!
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Thank you for including me in this most excellent collection :)
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thanks for add to collect
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Thanks for including my piece and thanks for introducing me to artists I have not seen.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
most welcome Diane ! :) - ( I think your comment disappeared :(
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Wicked! This is great. :w00t:
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nice selection Douglas :D
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Great selection!
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Izaaaaa's avatar
excellent selection! happy to be included!
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thank you !  ~ my pleasure - I quite like your collage !
DouglasHumphries's avatar
A collage question or two ( hope I'm not boring anybody ) ---- there is a certain style of collage that was much more in evidence ( here on DA ) many years ago  ( say , around 2006 --> many of those with this somewhat similar style have since left this site ) ..... and that is a style that I find more easy to recognize than understand . There seems to be certain repeated motiffs such as obscuring of the eyes -(  covered with X's or lines through them ) . Also numbers and diagrams somewhere in the composition .( amongst many other similar visual expressions )

 But more than that - it's a certain 'surreal ?' sensibility about them that I have always found fascinating . With artwork such as this - I do not usually require any answers as to 'what it means ?' -- or 'if' it's trying to say something ---it is enough that I resonate with it on some level . But , of course , there is an underlying, subconscious reason for all our creativity ----and conciously or not - the maker of the collage is expressing himself . Part of the 'iconography' of this medium is often picked up somewhere else - and repeated ( as is seen with the eyes ) - I know there have been some rather more well known ( at least in the collage community ) people who have put forth certain styles  that become widely imitated - and I would suppose that style's origin just gets buried in this visually  fast moving day and age . --------- But I would like to ask one question of those that do collages on DA ------- and that would be as to how many people set out to get an idea or point across through their collage ----- and how many , basically , just like to 'create as they go ' -- adding and subtracting until they feel that 'something is clicking ' ..........I know there is a bit of both ----------but I would like to understand how 'free - form ' this medium generally is - as opposed to pre-meditated.  This , of course , would apply to assemblages , etc . . . . thank you to all that might venture  a thought about this subject ( by the way - Happy Holidays ! )  
hummbuzz's avatar
Thanks for including me, Doug, and as always for your thought-inducing commentary.  As for myself,  I am a great proponent for the idea of evolution in art, and that thought is what drives me.  In the assemblages I have made, there is an image of my own that I choose to spark the idea and create a semblance of a theme.  From there,'s hard to distinguish where the initial idea ends and the intuitive creative flow begins. And that. I feel, is the joy of creating art.
Collage (regardless of how minimal or how extensive the result may be) is an excellent example of art evolving, as each piece laid down and glued on broadens and enhances it. This is particularly true of the collaborative collages that some of the artists here embark on, and I have always enjoyed watching the progression of the image through different minds and eyes.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
You're most welcome Yvette ! :)- your work fits in seamlessly an excellent example of 
assemblage . I think what we are saying here - is that the 'process' of creating is probably 
the most important aspect of this type of art . Certainly with collage/assemblage it would be difficult 
to have an almost fully formed pre- concept , beforehand, of the finished piece. Though one  
could certainly set out to express a basic idea beforehand -- the path there , though , would certainly hold 
mystery for the artist - and be the spur that drives one on to see where it
will all lead . Collecting and then assembling 'parts' ( not for their original intended use ) is where the challenge 
and fun begin , I think .    
RichardLeach's avatar
Another really excellent collage gathering, Douglas.

And to answer your question, for myself - I never begin a piece with an idea or a point to get across... I work structurally and with casual and intuitive connections between the scraps, sometimes adding overt connections or letting them emerge but also, sometimes, subtracting element if the piece is becoming (what I consider to be) "obvious" or cliched. And as you say, I work until something is clicking, I think of it as the piece "speaking."

I was an am immensely inspired by Fred Free, who has left the site now and did some of those things you name, but I think I've gone my own way. Also Emily, droopingsanityfences, has left, she did remarkable work and collage was not even her focus, she's a painter. Liz is still here from that mid-2000s group - another inspiration.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thanks for sharing some of your process Richard :
~ ' casual and intuitive connections between the scraps ' -- quite like that ! 

 Most people in this journal are long gone -but luckily they left their galleries up
- it's gratifying for me to try to draw some  attention their way 
. as they still can inspire .
As I've  mentioned before - I have noted the influence 
and inspiration you derived from Fred Free - but you have most definitely
staked out new territory and kind of developed a new spur that has become 
your own personal expression -with lots of earmarks that differentiate your work from 
his ( and he was one of my favorites - luckily I caught the tail end of his time here )
Fortunately there are several collage artists still here from a certain core group - that reamain
- though they seem to post far less than in the past .
 And , of course some new artists have joined that that I quite like .
   Hopefully there will never be an extinction of good collage art here -- that would leave DA a 
much lesser place . 
RichardLeach's avatar
Thanks, Douglas, and yes indeed it would. For me collage artists are the straw that stirs the drink, as the saying goes!
Izaaaaa's avatar
yes there are trends in collages, as well as in other art forms... it's always like this, cycles of imitations/innovation... imitation is not always bad, as long as it's going towards emulation......... and it has to come from the heart.... difficult yet fascinating questions. i think some visuals do speak to our collective unconscious and that might be why they are repeated in many places, at the same time, and/or imitated: such as the crossed eyes. just some thoughts about your thoughts.
as for the question, yes for me it's a bit of both: sometimes i have an idea when I start a collage, sometimes I just let it flow. but it's a lot a free form for me, because my initial idea often gets lost in the process - and if i stick to it too much, the result can be disappointing.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
 ~ Thanks for responding Isabelle :) ~ Well, I think most every creation is  in some way derivative - but what matters is what one does with this knowledge and inspiration - a work becomes more original depending on how one - as an example ---- recombines existing ideas - and how much of themselves they add to the mix - it could be very simple like adding one element that completely or ironically changes the pre-existing meaning --- or maybe 'bury' or obscure the influences -- ( I'm sure there are all kinds of ways to kind of make it your own statement or expression that stands you away from what went before . )  I like the idea that collage is always evolving - while probably maintaining all of the stages that preceded the current vanguard . -- also -some people might not be great at breaking new ground - but are able to put up fresh examples of older ideas ( sort of like craftsmen - or artists working to more or less a formula ) - anything done well can certainly have it's place . 
    Although I am not really a collagist - I work in some similar ways -- though never to a set pattern --usually it's like establishing a 'ground' or collection of objects -- and then experimenting with different arrangements until I see some direction developing -- then I kind of lean that way  ( but still let my subconscious help guide me  )  

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