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The Usual Suspects

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who done it ? ....( repost )
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hehe.. great !! Love this :heart:
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~ quite an old one - but still fun - thanks ! :sun:
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Cool! really nice job!
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.... well thank you for relating to the picture and reading through the comments ...I take no responsibility for either :)
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Firstly I want to say I love it. It made me giggle quite a bit but secondly I'd like to say, after reading through the comments. You guys are nuts. I guess you have all been at the wee 0.5 (metric) one more than a few times during that conversation. Oh and it is possible to ride sushi. At least I think that's what that young girl was doing in that dvd. :D
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There's something funny going on here. Nobody would be goofy enough to put all these bottles in the same cell, I mean picture!
It's a put-up job is what it is.
I like that bottle with the one half. I saw one like it when I was singing in a barbershop quartet in Skokie Illinois.
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...a barber shop quartet in Skokie ehh? ....wre you the low harmony?
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I've been called a lot of things..... a first time for that.
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the barkeeper - there is no doubt !
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..yep...he done it.
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I think it's he guy in the Argyle sweater.
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..yep , Jay ---and you have a right to your opinion !
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A nice decision to post it again :aww: :clap: :heart:
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...yeah I was wondering if I dared repost it again ... there is a limit to how many times you can post - delete - and post again ... ( I think I'm right in saying that ..aren't I ? )
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Keyser Soze done it.
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In his 1999 review of Fight Club, film critic Roger Ebert commented, "A lot of recent films seem unsatisfied unless they can add final scenes that redefine the reality of everything that has gone before; call it the Keyser Söze syndrome."[8]
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Wow, I never knew that.
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love it..........let me think on the answer.:giggle:
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wow. Familiar subject of art :)
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...yes ... I get quite a bit of milage out of these guys !
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