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Dreambox - version 2

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. . . Digital Assemblage . . . CLICK ON IT TO ENLARGE .

The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
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Canon EOS 40D
Shutter Speed
1/99 second
Focal Length
29 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 7, 2011, 2:44:13 PM
Sensor Size
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sorry to have missed this Douglas...great work...regards....David
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Thank you David - I appreciate that :)  
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your have me thinking about getting into collage...regards....David
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hmmm - I can see an assemblage - with little animals 
roaming through it's interior . :)
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assemblage, yes that is right.
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this is like a classic vertigo cover
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...............dream journey...................
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Love this one...the red stamp. the eye, the telephone...great!
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~ much appreciated ! :)
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A dreambox how much I love that!!!
Thank you for that. :)
Have one in real on the wall with all my little loved one precious things...
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I like your taste :lol:
I have a similar tray for typesetting-- I kept 
meeting people on the way home, after buying it -  that looked at it 
and back at me - like - why did you buy that thing !
Then I happily told them it only cost 25$ .
 ~ they said I was robbed . 
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I love to go the flea market. They were typesetting trays - old - (40 years).
Tiny little cubicles to tiny to put all my treasure there. And also
some of them contaminated still with lead... :shrug: I'm not paranoid
but I don't need lead in our home.  Anyway I found my treasure box
- although a new one - for about the same price as you mentioned it. :)

No you were not robbed! As long as your heart goes out for that!
And if you're happy with it its you and not them!
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oh , yes - I was just amused by various people's comments as I lugged that tray home....
I get that reaction a lot when I am photographing something unusual - from onlookers who
can't understand why I would photograph a crack in a sidewalk or something - I just make a joke about it or something - unless they look
physically formidable and lethal -- and look like they'd like to kill me ! :lol: - I'm not a coward - but I know when to pick my battles :B
Didn't know these trays could contain lead - ( lead dust ? ) -- I wouldn't think the amounts could do much damage . Not like drinking lead from
the water tap.
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You know its hilarious when people see you like a reverse grasshopper
conversely lying on the ground talking shots. But I don't care if I see my
subject of desire. I'm lost in my own world when I take pics and yes I'm
rude! I don't answer if they comment because it distracts me to much...

Oh well street photography. They like to kill you anyway... So sometimes
I do it. But I prefer more nature flora and fauna. Not that I'm chicken but
all the hassle I don't need it anymore.

Yes here they do... :( In those days they didn't know better and it was 
normal. I don't know if its lead dust... Its the amount which does the 
damage. And here we have a real problem with it so I do what ever I can
to prevent it in our house. :)         
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good to cut down on poisons wherever possible - but impossible to escape - esp if one lives in the city
...a healthful walk also means inhaling car pipe exhaust by the hundreds --- and yet people often live a long life in spite of horrid things like
----drinking Coca-Cola .
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Yes I know. You've to be fatal...
Same here 8 km of a main city in a so called country side walking
our dog every day for almost 2 hours...

That's so true. Oh I love Coca-Cola for cleaning our toilet... :giggle:
It has a great impact to kill lime stone... But honestly if I've a tummy bug
its my remedy to have a can of it... :shrug: :lol:
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. . . my stomach was cast iron for many ears - not so anymore
 . . . but my motto is ---moderation and variety
.....exercise and vitamin 'D'
....... good sleep and drink water
........ don't believe every health study that comes out ( they all contradict each other ! )
............apparently  . . . I have a lot of mottos :B
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~ well, thank you ! :) 
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Your digital assemblages are a great inspiration, Doug.
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