Hi! Well not much of a change, more a re-arranging!

Since every artwork can be added to the "Featured" Gallery (even if the artist is not a member of the club), the "Favourite" section now becomes the "Dougie would like this" area! Meaning:
:pointr: If you draw something for Dougie which you think he would like, but isn't him (like a dolphin or a KitKat - yeah, everyone loves PICTURES of KitKats, right!?) you may submit it to the groups "Favourites" gallery. If you see a picture by someone else, that shows stuff Dougie would like, you can suggest it for the "Favourites" gallery as well!

I hope I explained this understandably ^^;
(Pictures that already are in the "Favourites" gallery will be moved to "Featured", so hopefully the artists will approve that)

Please read the "Group Info" on how to submit a picture to the "Featured" Gallery that isn't yours. I just found it out myself :D
-The "Join our group" button now actually WORKS! Yay. <.< If you tried to join the group, but the system rejected you, please try again!!

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