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Hello fellow fansapiens!

6 years ago this group of Dougie fans was created by me and two co-founders and HOOOBOY wow, look at all the art that was created and shared since then! :)

But a lot of things changed, I'm not as often on Deviantart as I used to be and the other two co-founders seem to be gone/inactive forever. Sooooo I'm looking for admins who would like to help to keep this group running!
Your job would be to look at art submissions and accept or decline them. We're no art critics, so you just click "yes" most of the time...SIMPLE, RIGHT??! If you're active on DA, a big Dougie fan and would like to help - just comment on this blog entry or write me a PM.
Hi! Well not much of a change, more a re-arranging!

Since every artwork can be added to the "Featured" Gallery (even if the artist is not a member of the club), the "Favourite" section now becomes the "Dougie would like this" area! Meaning:
:pointr: If you draw something for Dougie which you think he would like, but isn't him (like a dolphin or a KitKat - yeah, everyone loves PICTURES of KitKats, right!?) you may submit it to the groups "Favourites" gallery. If you see a picture by someone else, that shows stuff Dougie would like, you can suggest it for the "Favourites" gallery as well!

I hope I explained this understandably ^^;
(Pictures that already are in the "Favourites" gallery will be moved to "Featured", so hopefully the artists will approve that)

Please read the "Group Info" on how to submit a picture to the "Featured" Gallery that isn't yours. I just found it out myself :D
-The "Join our group" button now actually WORKS! Yay. <.< If you tried to join the group, but the system rejected you, please try again!!

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