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SupernovaHyperbeamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Seems like how Ralsei would use Pacify in Deltafell, when someone pisses him off, am I right? Moral of the story, do not piss off fluffy bois!
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FluffyPinkandBlueProfessional General Artist

I almost thought it said pointy

dang i need glasses

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NorthStarSparkleHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought Ralsei would be holding a huge pacifier
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CapicDaCrateStudent Digital Artist
It's beauty
It's grace
Ralsei pacifys you in the face
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sunshinedaiHobbyist General Artist
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this is how i pacify my brother near stairs.…
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DoughTeaStudent Digital Artist
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Chucha616Professional Artist
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ccccool34gfHobbyist Digital Artist
So that's how pacifier works XD
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SCP173TheSculptureYTHobbyist Digital Artist
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SketchyDaCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yas! Ralsei is my fav character😀
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goodbrony Artist
:iconengineerplz: sometimes you just need a little less gun......
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Ralsei: delet dis
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CutyAriesHobbyist Digital Artist
for some reason This come to me when I see your drawing xD:
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I can't help but just imagine when he pacify someone he just shoots them in the kneecaps, and then you just run off.

It isn't technically killing as much as grievous bodily harm.
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DoughTeaStudent Digital Artist
So it's still in the green
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In the morally grey kind of area yeah. Yeah it's probably fine.
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OpossumDaemonHobbyist Artist
Well, sometimes one has got to use some more drastic ways to pacify people.
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PotatoHunchbackHobbyist Digital Artist
Ralsei has had enough of Susie's antics
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ABallOfDoughHobbyist Digital Artist
i gotta gun, no girls, girls gotta die-
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DoughTeaStudent Digital Artist
wake up with no hhhuuueɘᴜᴜᴜʜʜʜ Julioioiøȟ̴͔ͅh̵̹͕́̉h̶̫͖͂̽h̸͙̽̈́h̷̩͊ͅ
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