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Beer Armor V2

My second attempt at creating an armored beer koozie. As much as I liked Version 1 I had too many ideas for improvements before the process was even complete. An overall better design was the result.

Boiled Leather & Chainmail beer koozie
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How would I buy such awesomeness??
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Thanks for the great feedback everybody.

To all of you who suggested selling these, the truth is that it has crossed my mind a few times but is not practical. Even though the material cost is relatively low, the time commitment on this was enormous. This piece took about 14 hours to make. I will start working on a version 3 that is easier to make and then we'll talk.

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Nice work Doug!!
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I WANT THIS. Is there any way I can buy such a thing?
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Dude, you're up on Memebase! [link]
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could be a real Etsy winner
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I came here from Geekologie, and I'd just like to say:

I make maille too, and I've wanted to put maille on a variety of things that would be...problematic. I was having trouble dealing with getting proper tension throughout the weave.

THIS resolves ALL those problems. Sir, you are not only a talented mailler, but a very skilled leatherworker. You have my greatest respect. Keep on keepin' on.
You should be selling these. You should make a kickstarter. I'll take five.
That's pretty awesome!
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AWESOME !! hahahaha solid work my friend..
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