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Logo concept in works for a new start-up. Finalization is imminent.
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First of all great idea!
Without an discription you can understand the idea behind the logo! And in my opinionon that is most important.
To start with the lettering I would say thats okay. I think you maybe should add some more details on it. For example change the gap between each letter or turn one of the "p" back-to-front. Thats just some ideas that came into my mind. I really like the matching colors and the font of the lettering. Especially the font looks very great and special. I can't remember to have seen the font before.

I would like to continue with the actual logotype.
As I said before I really like the idea that is behind that logotype. I would say you made a really good job. The colors are matching here as well and even without any colors, all grey the logo still looks quite nice. I really like the details you put in the logo. The white inlines and highlights are great eyecathers. Focus some more on the grey impact in the center of the logotype. Maybe you should turn up the opacity, because I only recognized the effect after looking on the logo several times. I would also like to see the "location needle" with a gradient.
All in all you made a really good job and I would really like to see the logotype included into a website or flyer.
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First and foremost I truly appreciate your constructive criticism! It has been very helpful =)

I started with a base font and went from there working on the lettering hence you not recognizing it! I wouldn't say it's entirely custom but I did customize it to meet our needs.

I'm gonna take your ideas back to my partner and discuss everything you've gone over. We don't always see eye to eye on everything but hopefully we can reach a conclusion and 100% finalize the logo.  One critique he had for the all white version was not being able to see the pin so I fiddled with it briefly but am not convinced yet. Needs more work.

I'll definitely make sure to throw you a credit in the description next time I make a final release.

The app/backend should be done in about a month. Hoping to have the sales/marketing side of the website done in about 2 weeks(all of which I hope to get posted here). Thanks again for your comments, take care!
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Doug! I'm glad that my critique was helpful! Of course thats all a matter of taste and you and your partner might see it different... In addition I admit to your partners "pin-critique".
Thanks to add me to your credits!
I'm looking forward to see other parts of this projects!
All the best!