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creative commons - san francisco, california
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5 mm
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Feb 27, 2011, 3:51:35 PM
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I really like this photo. Sometimes it surprises me how disciplined your style is. Most of the stuff I make in photoshop is too chaotic for upload. This is a really good photo.  
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Thanks brother! I took this when I was on my GDC trip in Cali.

We need to sit down very soon and have a good chat about cameras and fractals. I took the entire thanksgiving week off(9 free days) that I plan on making huge advancements for my design/artwork stuff. I have a lot of websites I plan on polishing off and I think you'd definitely be interested and have a place. Let me know!
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Awesome yeah I was got a facebook message today from a lady who has a marketing agency and she was wondering if I would be interested in doing some projects for her. I am trying to get more info on it at the moment though. I definitely want to start doing collaborations and stuff.
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I'm down for it! If you have an idea let me know otherwise we can take an older piece of mine or even yours and start doing some creative shit!
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so I was thinking of doing something along the lines of what I have been doing but instead of just making a couple patterns just going crazy and try to incorporate a handful of patterns into one piece. I have also been messing around with halftones and it would be cool to make something that had this sort of texture or at least some layer masks that have a halftone texture.
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Nice dude! You wanna start this then? Fire something up and shoot it over to me? Start big, 10k x 10k @ 300 dpi.
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k yeah I will probably start something in the next couple days. I have a few days off coming up here. 
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Is it me, or do we think alike?

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Haha, we do indeed think alike. Best part is I'm a self-proclaimed genius which means you're a genius too, right!? How have you been?
CanUSpellMyName's avatar
I don't wanna be a genius lol just means I have to do more brain work for the lazy people out there ;)

Well....I just got over pink eye haha so I'm very happy for that. Annnnnnd other than that....I've been okay *shrugs* as good as anyone else these days.

How have you been??
DougFromFinance's avatar
Don't tell lazy people they can't have people think for them! Sorry, I was thinking what Fry would have said from Futurama.

That is no fun at all. I hope you start feeling better. Why such the long face? Something else you'd like to share with the group?

I've been well. Doing what I can to love life and love life again. Not always so easy on the second time but I'm learning ;)
CanUSpellMyName's avatar
lol I -love- that show.

Life :) throws you curve balls, ya know?
Tis life really, but it happens to everyone.

Lol the second time around always seems the hardest for things of the like. What are you trying to do to help you?

And you're really kinda surprising :p I won't lie.
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Get outta here! Are you serious!? It's one of my faves.

Haha, yes, life is really good at pooping all over peoples parades. Forget curve balls! =p If you think life is throwing you a curve ball let me tell ya from can always get worse, appreciate it now!

I don't know, being happy is a choice and those who are happy generally bring good upon themselves. I tend to get myself into predicaments that I have to work myself out of =( again, such is life, poop, parardes, curve balls....ok, moving on.

Whaaa? You think I'm talkative now? I have a few messages that prove otherwise =)
CanUSpellMyName's avatar
It's one of me faves too :3 let's do a marathon lol

Poop. What can ya do? lol

Awwww well doesn't everyone?? Predicaments, what can ya do? :3

Well ur being talkative right now <.<
Apparently I "like my attention" though so, meh lol maybe I like this.
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Marathon sounds do-able. What, a woman who love attention!? Never met one of those, what is that like? ;)

How's life treating you? Keeping busy?
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