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First things first. The type is bold and reabable and serves well as the focal point. Colors are vibrant and rich. Excellent use of stock/textures. Overall this is a great piece to have in your portfolio.

My only real gripe was that despite being such a great piece if it stands alone I wouldn't be sure what it has to do with or what it means. I would maybe consider sticking in the greenpeace info especially if that's what it's designed for. Maybe even just a date and a slogan? Something to consider.

Also very minor is the color. My first instinct was to turn the color upside down so the blue made up the wave at the bottom and the red at the top. Though as it stands it still looks great but that's what my mind jumped to right away.

All in all this turned out well and I could see this hanging on a wall or tack board somewhere.

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First and foremost I truly appreciate your constructive criticism! It has been very helpful =)

I started with a base font and went from there working on the lettering hence you not recognizing it! I wouldn't say it's entirely custom but I did customize it to meet our needs.

I'm gonna take your ideas back to my partner and discuss everything you've gone over. We don't always see eye to eye on everything but hopefully we can reach a conclusion and 100% finalize the logo.  One critique he had for the all white version was not being able to see the pin so I fiddled with it briefly but am not convinced yet. Needs more work.

I'll definitely make sure to throw you a credit in the description next time I make a final release.

The app/backend should be done in about a month. Hoping to have the sales/marketing side of the website done in about 2 weeks(all of which I hope to get posted here). Thanks again for your comments, take care!
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You're welcome, always love to see your new work!
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All in all it seems you did a pretty good job laying this out and putting this together. Considering this is a brand piece I'm going to focus most of my critique on the logo. Also in part the rest of it doesn't really need any critique!

The first thing I saw that made me tilt my head and think was the keyhole. It seemed like you would have been able to put the keyhole in the 'D' which would have allowed you to still capture the security aspect yet the 'D' would have still remained functional as a letter.

To a much lesser degree I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about the heat waves coming off of the mug. My initial thought was it's such a bold and vibrant logo but then there are smaller heat wave lines coming off of the mug. Almost as if they were an afterthought? Not to suggest they're necessarily bad or misplaced but they seem to pale in comparison to the rest of the logo.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the process beforehand and the logo options you already explored. For all I know you exhausted those options and landed with the best one you could, the one you have now. But if you hadn't I thought it was worth at least mentioning!

All in all it appears you did you homework, laid this out accordingly and ended up with a fantastic design. Besides my logo knit-picking I don't think there is much else I would change about this, kudos!
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