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Ink And I - INKtobertale 2021 Day 14


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Teen Cups - 1st anniversary contest


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Walls to Break - Murs a Briser

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Teen cups AU icon transp

Teen Cups

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Ink And I - Icon 9

INKtobertale-Ink and I

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Lesser Family - Family pic

Lesser Family

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Momma CQ-The animated series!(Link in description)

Momma CQ

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HoneyMustard - Part 13


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BNHA OC - Concurrence


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Interrogation point until ik (Collab)


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The ending they deserved Page 2

The Ending They Deserved

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Trust Page 1


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Underwatertale Sans


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Icon 2

Pacific Rundertale

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Ink And I - INKtobertale 2021 Day 9

SpeciesSwap Ink and I

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Undertale birthday community project 2020 - Spot 2

Blues Sans

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Peace fighting

Peace Sans

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Undertale - Asriel


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US!Paps x Chara Friends in need Chapter 8 (END)

Chara brought Papyrus to his room. They saw Sans going to his own, opening the door. He didn't seem fine. They tucked Papyrus in his bed, then went back at Sans. They knocked at his door. "YES?" Sans replied from the other side. "Can I come in?" Chara asked. "SURE." Chara opened the door, and walked to Sans who was sitting on his bed, totally depressed. They sat down beside him, and hugged him. "Are you okay?" "I AM A BAD BROTHER! WHY DIDN'T I SEE ANYTHING?" Sans said desperately. Chara tightened him. "You're not. He was hiding. I didn't see it either. I trusted him, but I shouldn't have. It's sad to say, but it's the truth. We thought

US Papara: Friends in need

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Chair rocket

UF Frans

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Rouxls art style challenge


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20 Chocos


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BNHA - Hawks

Boku No Hero Academia

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Steven Universe - Sophie

Steven Universe

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Miraculous Ladybug - ML Reanimate Collab Shot 300

Miraculous Ladybug

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Dan's interdimensional blog icon

Dany and friends

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Wearing a tutu

Imagine Shredder

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The Hamato Tribe Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The exploration We start exploring this place. We have to find a shelter, or at least build one. The night is coming and it's getting more and more cold. It's probably fall or the beginning of winter. We can't find any fruits, except some apples and nuts. Not much. "Guys, I found neetles!" Donnie declares. "If we do some fire, we can cook it." He starts picking some leaves, careful to not touch the edges to not get itched. "Seriously dude? Neetles?!!" Mikey comments, startled. "I don't want my stomach tingling!" Donnie rolls his eyes. "It won't Mikey!" But it's not enough to convince my younger brother. "Yeah? I always feel itchy

The Hamato Tribe

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The Dimensional Duo Chapter 14

In the last chapter: Everyone started meditating. Then suddeny 2012Mikey laughed. Then the other followed! Then he started crying! He misses his brothers! Chapter 14 „Mikey, if you were stuck in another dimension I would do everything in my power to get you back. You’d be home in no time“, Donnie told him. Leo nodded in agreement. „And you’re certainly not a burden! We need you, little brother.“ "Then why you're always yelling at me?" 2012Mikey asked, trying to stop crying, but it only made his sobs more loudly. Raph hugged him tighter. "You know how I am! I just want you to be focused to be safe!" R

The Dimensional Duo

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Heppy - Surf


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Hazbin Hotel - Angel Dust in a hoodie


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Underwatertale - UTBCP 2021 Spot 11

Art trades, gifts, collabs, commissions...

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Poll: Which AU for Frans week 2021? (Closed)


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