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Sunday Feature # 12

Our sunday feature is here and it comes with a great pieces that's  all for this week %Art-Revival ( is going to announce a new big contest very soon.  And we need your help for this. Please donate points HERE or HERE We will be grateful for any help! And we promise you a special feature after the contest end.


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Feature Time

It's just too hot, isn't it? I was on a excursion to Eichstätt last Saturday (14 h hell) and I can just say, I hate travelling with the train when the air condition isn't working and you have some crying babys, some  shrieking little kids and some teanager making very bad jokes all the time in one compartment. I think there must be any divinity, who wants me to suffer not only a little bit. I'm naturally a very shy, nice person and it's hard to break my  patience (only in art and some other things I have none), but Deutsche Bahn succeed it every time. Nevertheless, here is some great art from you: :bigthumb308888709: :bigthumb308191915


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I hear our symphony. In darkened sky I see your face, Feeling my disgrace. There's nothing more left to lose. But I can't find my own way. My heart is haunting you. Makes me feel blue. Helpless memories in my mind. Blame and hate I can not hide. I hear our painful symphony. Your voice, your whispers, The way you played with me I will never forget. The stars that shine up above Have seen a lot of lies. They watched you, How your feelings die. I know that I have to Leave it all behind. Time moves on and it will cure Wounds caused your lies. You made me strong enough And I should thank you for the pain. Maybe you're not th


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Cleaver Ring


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Pink Notes (La vie en rose)

CONTEST : La vie en rose

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